PMs of the EU's two 'ill' democracies, Orban of Hungary and Szydlo, should not have the red carpet rolled out for them
© Orban of Hungary and Szydlo of Poland

In what is an unprecedented attack by an EU leader
on a member state's sitting government, Bloomberg reports that Tusk explicitly suggests the ruling Law & Justice party is merely a 'puppet of Putin' and just forwarding Russian interests...
"Strident dispute with Ukraine, isolation in the European Union, walking away from rule of law and judicial independence, attack on non-governmental sector and free media," Tusk wrote on his personal Twitter account on Sunday.

"Law & Justice strategy or Kremlin plan? Too similar to sleep well."

Comment: Arrogant and delusional EU members have taken to smearing opposing views as Russian manipulation of late, with the EU putting immense pressure on those countries that would take an alternative perspective:

This aggressive tweet comes just days after Poland's Independence Day parades 'triggered' mainstream media everywhere... as tens of thousands of people, waving tens of thousands of white-and-red national flags young and old, of all walks of life, with whole families take to the streets.

As we detailed previously, to the western media these are Nazis, racists, anti-semites and islamophobes. An abomination for the European Union.
What has positive overtones in Poland (patriotism, faith, family), has negative ones in Western Europe and the other way round. Migrants, LGTBQ and gender mainstreaming is not welcome in the area between the Oder and Bug Rivers. The EU values cannot be farther from Poland's values and vice versa.

The Independence March denigrated by the Western media was favourably covered by the Polish government and other national media, except for those which are far to the left and very much pro-European. The former shored up the positive aspects of the event, the latter only looked for incidents to blow them out of any proportion and join the chorus of their western counterparts in condemning "fascists" and "white supremacists".

A thirty-six million nation in the heart of Europe (i.e. with a population approximately the size of Spain's) is throwing down the gauntlet to the EU establishment and its view of European unity based on cultural and religious indifference and anti-nationalism.

As Bloomberg notes, Tusk's tweet is the latest salvo in a war of words between Poland and the EU, as fears mount in Brussels that Warsaw's government is shifting toward authoritarian rule. It also adds to speculation that the 60-year-old former Polish prime minister plans a comeback to domestic politics when his term as chairman of EU leaders' meetings expires in 2019, the same year that current parliament and government's term ends in Poland.

Comment: ...'shifting toward authoritarian rule' is another way of saying 'breaking out of containment' or becoming sovereign/independent.

On Friday, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo criticized her fellow leaders and lawmakers from the bloc for weighing sanctions against the nation over anti-democratic actions and suggested they weren't being honest. The European Parliament said last week it would examine possible sanctions against Poland over democratic backsliding. That opens a second EU front against Warsaw after the European Commission last year initiated a rule-of-law investigation into the right-wing Law & Justice party due to judicial independence concerns.
"I can't not tell the prime ministers that we should respect each other, that we should strive for our political families to have respect for other countries in the public debate, in the European Parliament and in other European institutions," Szydlo told reporters in Gothenburg, Sweden, before a meeting with her EU counterparts on Nov. 17.

"Debates should be based on the truth."
As we concluded previously, at the time when the Soviets were establishing the communist political system in Central Europe someone said (someone ascribed these words to Stalin himself) that communism fits the Polish nation like a saddle fits a cow. Is the attempt to Europeanize Poles another attempt at saddling the cow?

Comment: Much of the world is witnessing the decay of western civilisation, with the degeneration of the morals within society being a reflection of that.The emerging multi-polar world with China and Russia at the forefront is showing that there are alternatives, and the bureaucrats in Brussels taking lead from the pathocrats in the US are not pleased: Also check out SOTT radio's: