The woman fell to the floor during the terrifying dog attack
© CEN/Denuncia Ecatepec
The woman fell to the floor during the terrifying dog attack
Horrifying CCTV footage shows the moment a woman is viciously mauled by a dog as she walks down the road with a friend.

The animal initially walks past her but then appears to change it's mind, go back and suddenly charge at her with no provocation.

The animal locks its jaws around her leg as her friend desperately tries to drag the animal off her as she falls to the floor.

According to reports in Mexico City, where the brutal attack happened, the dog's owner desperately tried to stop people from hitting it.

Witnesses have said the animal was a boxer and pitbull cross.

Brave passers-by rushed to help her, and one was seen kicking at the top trying to end the terrifying attack.

Neither of the women have been identified.

Commenting on the attack, internet poster 'Ricardo Flores' wrote: "If that happens to you, you must take the dog from behind and get his forearms to hang and hug him until he releases the person.

"Stay on the floor with the dog and cover its face until the dog calms down or faints. You cannot loosen your grip and force, because if you get flipped you have your face very close to his snout."

It is not known if police are investigating the attack.