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With so many Mayan artifacts seemingly depicting what we today would describe as extraterrestrials or aliens, it gets harder to dismiss them as hoaxes or misinterpretations of Mayan drawings and carvings of conventional objects, animals or people. Get ready for more. Word is spreading about a discovery in March 2017 of jade stones carved with so many realistic engravings of what look like aliens and spaceships that they're being called "Stones of the First Encounter." Are they?

As with many of these discoveries, it's difficult to determine who found the stones first due to language differences and the involvement of parties with television shows or YouTube channels. According to, these jade (jada) stones were found by local residents in a forest cave between Puebla and Veracruz, Mexico, in March 2017. At some point, the stones were either given to or viewed by Javier Lopez Diaz of CincoRadio, who claimed on Twitter that some of the images showed "contact" with beings from other worlds.

That apparently got the attention of Jose Aguayo at JAC Detector, a YouTube channel described as "searchers of treasure." Aguayo says he led a team through the jungle where the stones were said to have been found and "by chance" came upon the cave. It was in this cave that they found small thin sheets of gold and broken stones with designs of what look like "a spaceship with a gray alien-like being with an oval object in his hand and a former head of pre-Hispanic culture who apparently has an ear of corn." It was this group that gave them the name "Stones of the First Encounter" or "Stories of the First Meeting."
Cave drawings
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