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Dr. Lance O'Sullivan
A doctor jumped onstage during the screening of a controversial anti-vaccine film to warn the audience they were putting the lives of their children and others at risk.

Dr. Lance O'Sullivan bought a ticket for the film, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, but delivered his warning before the showing began, reported the New Zealand Herald.

"I've come here not to watch the film, but to continue my battle and my challenge for my people and, importantly, for our children," O'Sullivan said. "I come here with a lot of anger because I am adamantly opposed to this. This idea of anti-immunization has killed children around the world and actually will continue to kill children whose parents are put off immunization because of misinformation — misinformation based on lies."

The Northland doctor, who was named New Zealander of the Year in 2014 for his charitable work, took aim at anti-vaxxers — including the filmmakers who explored the fraudulent claim that autism is linked to immunizations — who have deceived parents and put children at risk.

"Fraudulent people for their own reasons have decided that they would put forward false information that actually causes harm to children," O'Sullivan said. "Your presence here will cause babies to die."

Comment: Interesting use of words by Dr. O'Sullivan, one has to wonder if he actually took the time to watch the film before he decided to show up at the Vaxxed screening ranting about 'fraudulent people putting forward false information'. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. made an excellent assessment back in 2011 when he wrote the following regarding the vilification of Dr. Wakefield and the evidence he was sharing with the public:
I find it ironic that the media, the British government, and leaders in medical academia jumped on board attacking and destroying Dr. Andrew Wakefield's reputation based on "fraud" charges related to a study he conducted about the link between the measles vaccine and autism.

Abundant evidence has shown that these very same people destroy the reputations of anyone producing evidence, no matter how well researched and of the highest ethical standards, if it in any way endangers this vaccine program. It is ironic that these accusers speak of "blatant fraud," when virtually all of the vaccine safety evidence they use abundantly is fraudulent by careful design.

To imply our society is at risk of millions of deaths should vaccine rates drop is a blatant lie used to scare parents into over-vaccinating their children.

The physician tried to discourage ticket holders from entering, and he said two audience members left after his warning.

Tricia Cheel, who organized the screening in Kaitaia, told News Now she was "flabbergasted" when O'Sullivan "invaded the stage."

"He was obviously enraged and he was pointing his fingers," she said. "He ended up saying we would be responsible for the death of his vulnerable children — very threatening behavior."

Cheel said doctors have been lied to about the safety of immunizations, and she argued that physicians and parents had a right to decide for themselves what they believe is safe.

"That to me was interfering with people's right to find out for themselves," Cheel said. "I can understand if he hasn't seen the movie he doesn't understand that a lot of what he's accepted as truth may be based on false information."

O'Sullivan agreed he was angry, but he told News Now the filmmakers and event organizers presented a public health threat.

Comment: Who really presents the public health threat?
Dr. Wakefield: "The first thing is that you need to stop the damage, and the second is you need to deal with the children who have been injured, in other words, in whom the damage has already been done. So there are two broad elements. Let's just take the first element, and that is how you stop the injury in the first place. You have to acknowledge it, and therefore you have to take the reins off science being conducted in the public interest. You have to give honest answers, and the CDC has now proven that they are absolutely incapable of doing that.

"So the vaccine safety responsibilities have to be removed completely — not just from the CDC, but from Health and Human Services, which oversees the CDC. There has to be put into place an independent agency, that is able to give us honest answers about vaccine safety. The second thing is there needs to be an absolute moratorium on the introduction of new vaccines until this issue has been resolved.

"Number three, there can be no vaccine mandates. You cannot mandate something for which there is risk, a big risk that has been fraudulently concealed by the very agency responsible for assessing and reporting on those risks. So all laws that seek to limit exemptions, or remove exemptions that are pending, or had been passed, need to be dealt, done away with. Then you need to start to treat vaccines just as you would pharmaceutical drugs, in terms of the rigor with which they go through scientific trials. They need to be subjected to long-term, double-blind, randomized, placebo control trials — which, at the moment, they're not.

"They shouldn't be there, quite frankly, when these falsehoods of misinformation will cause harm to the children they are actually there to serve," O'Sullivan said. "These are people that are public servants, and I think it's incompatible for them to have views on, are supporters of this anti-immunization movement and work in these communities at the same time."