female traffic sign
The problem with people who are obsessed with social justice and political correctness, is that they see boogeymen everywhere. To them, everyone and everything is racist, sexist, and homophobic. So when they get their way, their madness eventually infects every aspect of society, right down to the nuts and bolts.

You can see what this looks like in cities like Melbourne, Australia, which appears to be turning into the perfect example of what happens when social justice is allowed to run amok. There the city recently installed 10 new stop/go lights at various crosswalks for International Women's Day, which replace the familiar stick figure that we all recognize, with a female stick figure in a dress.

The lights are part of an initiative by The Committee for Melbourne, who spent $8,400 to install them (a local electrical company also chipped in). The group eventually wants all traffic lights to depict an even mix of male and female figures. As for why any of these are needed, according to Martine Letts, the chief executive of the Committee of Melbourne, "The idea is to install traffic lights with female representation, as well as male representation, to help reduce unconscious bias."

Fiona Richardson, Victoria state's Minister for Women, also expressed support for the new lights. "There are many small — but symbolically significant — ways that women are excluded from public space. A culture of sexism is made up of very small issues, like how the default pedestrian crossings use a male figure, and large issues such as the rate of family violence facing women."

So what was biased about the original traffic lights? Nobody really knows or has offered a good explanation. That's because only a crazy person would look at the most basic and generic depiction of a walking human, and find bias.

So far the lights have been largely met with derision on social media, even by people who normally support social justice. They've pointed out that the new lights imply that real women don't wear pants. Some said that it does nothing to actually help women, while others pointed out that it's nothing more than virtue signalling and a waste of money.