pro-Trump Kremlin troll
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In the wake of the Trumpocalypse, "fake news" has been in the news. First it was Facebook being blamed for Trump's win because of the pro-Trump fake news floating around social media in the lead-up to the election.

Then, an obscure left-wing activist college professor hastily compiled a list of "fake news" sites and posted it on her social media. The list was picked up by such fake news sites as CNN, WaPo, Boston Globe, NY Magazine, USA Today, Business Insider, and more, with recommendations for serious readers to avoid such tainted goods.

Now, the Washington Post has cited an obscure list of "Russian propaganda" websites to justify its claim that a "Russian propaganda effort" helped spread fake news during the election. Included on the list?, among numerous other great alternative news websites.

Today on Behind the Headlines we share our thoughts on "fake news", who the real fakers are, and what we think about being labelled as Kremlin trolls or useful idiots.

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