Just when you thought the Euro-liberals' 'Eurovision Song Contest' couldn't get any worse...
Eurovision song Contest

Jamala, 'winner' of the 2016 Eurovision song Contest
When strangers are coming,
They come to your house,
They kill you all
and say,
We're not guilty
not guilty.

Where is your mind?
Humanity cries.
You think you are gods.
But everyone dies.
Don't swallow my soul.
Our souls

~ 1944, the 'winning' entry in Eurovision 2016, by 'Ukrainian' singer Jamala
No, the above lyrics do not refer to US-supported Kiev forces waging war on southeast Ukrainians; they are meant to refer to Russian forces 'invading' Ukraine in 1944 and in 2014. In what can only be described as a blatant propaganda blitz against Russia, this year's Eurovision winner - in defiance of an anticipated Russian victory - was the Ukrainian entry. 'Eurovision' was aired to Americans for the first time this year. Just in time, then, for them to receive precisely the impression of Europe that Washington wants them to receive: that it is pro-US and anti-Russian.

In a move worthy of a Hunger Games 'gamemaker', the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which runs Eurovision, stated two days prior to the event that Russia winning the event (its entry was the bookies' red-hot favorite to win) would be "disastrous" for the event, and strongly hinted that it was prepared to rig the voting to prevent such an outcome:
A Eurovision source told the Mirror: "The feeling is that the European Broadcasting Union know how unpopular a Russia win would be and will do everything possible to help the other favourites to victory."
Unpopular to who, exactly? The live audience? The TV voters watching at home? Or the US Empire and its corporate minions in the EU?

In another first for this year's contest, they changed the voting rules. Where before the victor was decided by popular vote, this year a jury's votes were added to weight the final results. Russia won the popular vote thanks to receiving most tele-voting points. Jury points then shifted the final winning result to the Ukraine. In fact, the Ukrainian public gave the maximum 12 points to the Russian song, while the jury gave it zero points.That's a strange disparity between popular opinion and the opinion of an unelected, secret jury, although it does accurately mirror the 'democratic process' in Western nations.

But that wasn't all. They had clearly been preparing for months to turn what should have been a 'cultural victory' for Russia into a 'propaganda coup' for the West. The Ukrainian entry's song, sung by a Kyrgyz native whose grandparents on her father's side were Crimean Tatars (Turks), is called 1944 and is supposedly about "how Stalin forced the native Tatars out of Crimea." In this re-telling of the story to the Western masses, the history of Crimea in 1944 is no longer that Crimea was liberated from Nazi occupation, but that Stalin 'invaded' it and committed ethnic cleansing.

'Jamala' - real name, Susana Jamaladinova - clarified that yes, her song's lyrics are not just historical but are aimed at recent events, specifically Crimea's recent reunification with Russia: "Of course it's about 2014 as well. Imagine, you're a creative person, a singer, but you can't go home for two years. What am I supposed to do: just sing nice songs and forget about it? Of course I can't do that."

No one is 'banned' from entering Crimea; the truth is that the Supreme Court of the Crimean Republic outlawed the 'Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People' as an extremist group and has banned its activities on the whole territory of the Russian Federation because it participated with the Kiev regime, via Ukrainian fascist association Right Sektor, to organize a food and energy blockade of the peninsula. This organization also has close links with Turkish right-wing extremist group the 'Grey Wolves', whose members have been attempting to enter Crimea to commit sabotage and bloody mayhem.

© Sputnik
The key point here is that this song was even permitted to run. The organizers had to break their own rules because political songs are not supposed to be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. Not only does this stunt target Russia, it obscures the real horror story of Ukraine today: a country that is 'beyond corrupt', functionally a failed state, and waging genocide against 'undesirable Moscow-Jew scum'.

For decades, Eurovision has been this (nominally) apolitical, mildly entertaining and rather campy affair... but now it suddenly goes hardcore political because 'Russia may win'. And to do that it uses a song that not only omits the real horror story of WW2 Ukraine - collaboration with the Nazis in exterminating Jews, Russians and other 'non-desirables' - but actually laments the end of a period in which the singer's forefathers enthusiastically assisted the Nazis with butchering the inhabitants of Crimea.

Russia, a runner-up 4 times in the last decade, simply could not be allowed to win because this event - one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, with TV audience figures in recent years reaching up to half a billion internationally - would then be hosted in Russia next year.

The Hunger Games trilogy, if you haven't watched the movies or read the books, is about a dystopian regime that 'votes' children from each of its districts to participate in annual gladiatorial games where they fight each other to death - the last one standing is the winner. No one dies at Eurovision, but many die indirectly because of the lies it reinforces. Thousands (of ethnic Russians, mainly) are dead and dying in the Ukraine because the US and EU instituted a regime that is every bit as pathocratic as the fictional one ruling PanAm in the Hunger Games, enforcing compulsory military drafts upon its youth who are then sent to 'cleanse' southeast Ukraine of 'terrorists'.

By fixing a winning song that re-writes history to make the Soviets evil and the Nazis non-existent, the real-life Western pathocracy reinforces today's Big Lie that Russia is poised to 'invade' eastern Europe, thereby justifying Washington's and NATO's build-up of military forces - the largest in the region since the Nazis went ape in WW2.

The same 'soft power' cultural war is taking place in the sporting arena, where they recently made a benign supplement illegal, retrospectively, thereby entrapping many Russian sportsmen and women who use it. And all to implant - and reinforce - in the Western mass mind the notion that Russians are 'cheats', 'backwards' and therefore 'untrustworthy'.

The Western imperialists are compelled to attack anything and everything that might make Putin look good. He must be 'the epitome of evil' so that his 'regime' can be presented as a reflection of his 'evil'. This way, the West 'stands tall' as the exclusive, 'exceptional', epitome of what is 'civilized' and what is 'barbaric'.

It's all completely pathetic, of course, but it shows the extent to which they take 'full-spectrum dominance' seriously, and at all levels: militarily, financially, economically, politically, and culturally. Given that this is an information war, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the masses corralled in their spellbound illusion that 'the West is the best'. Indeed, the West is the best... at murder, theft, bullying, lying, pillaging, dominating...