The iconic image of 3-year-old refugee Aylan Kurdi's lifeless body on a beach on the Turkish coast went 'viral' recently and brought the two-year-long European 'refugee crisis' to widespread public attention. EU nations are now facing an influx of potentially hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing their NATO-war-torn countries in search of safety and stability. Whether or not they'll find it is still an open question.

This 'refugee' problem is, of course, not new, and Aylan was not the first tragic death directly related to the problem. Consider the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria alone that have resulted from the U.S. government-manipulated 'revolution' in that country 4 years ago. Or think of the unprovoked attacks on and invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan or the NATO bombardment of Libya and subsequent installation of a fundamentalist 'Jihadi' regime there. Then consider that 2,600 people, or more, have already died attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. The 'refugee crisis' has been brewing for over two years, but it took Aylan's body to make many people sit up and take notice.

The refugee crisis is very real, at least in the sense that Western-backed death squads have made life miserable for millions of Syrians in particular (almost half of the Syrian population is internally or externally displaced). Whereas the U.S. (along with its lackeys Canada, Australia, the Gulf States, and others) bear the most responsibility, they have been the least willing to accept refugees from the states they're destroying, and which they claim they wish to 'save'. Europe is forced to bear the brunt of dealing with the fallout: humans in need of food, shelter, and jobs. It's possible of course, if there is the will. Russia has willingly taken in close to a million Ukrainian refugees (again, the result of an American phony revolution in Ukraine last year). But so far, Germany is the only EU nation that appears willing to really open their doors to people in need, making allowances for 800,000 refugees this year alone.

Other European nations have been hesitant at best, increasing the number of refugees they'll accept only reluctantly and after public outcry. For leaders of these nations, the refugees are 'swarms', 'invaders', or bland 'quotas'. Anything but real people. Denmark wants to pay Turkey to halt refugees at their border; the Netherlands wants to cut off their food and shelter; Britain, along with Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, oppose the European Commission's refugee quotas. Hungary, after allowing about 12,000 migrants through the country on their way to Germany, is even building a fence on the border with Serbia to prevent any further crossings. In contrast, most ordinary Europeans seem more on the side of the refugees than their leaders, with large pro-migrant public demonstrations in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Something of a set up?

The refugee crisis was undoubtedly foreseen in advance (wars always lead to refugees), and EU nations appear to have been 'ear marked' as responsible for cleaning up the mess caused by warmongers in Washington. Despite years of conditioning to convince Western populations that Muslims are all terrorists, Western public opinion is at best only divided, at worst sympathetic towards the plight of the refugees. That's a problem that requires a 'creatively destructive' solution from the self-described 'reality creators' among the global criminal 'elite'. This is where the propaganda machine comes into play.

It seems that the ground is already being prepared for this 'solution'. At this point, the psychopaths in power can't do much to prevent the genuine (if fickle and inconsistent) outpouring of compassion for refugees. But 'what you see is all there is', and that can very easily change if a traumatic event occurs which leaves the minds of the people open to a new narrative at odds with the one they might have believed just a day before.

One day after Behind the Headlines covered this very scenario, the UK's Daily Express carried an article titled: 'Just wait...' Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe. The article, not to mention the alleged source of the claim, is laughable. But the idea is being milked for all it's worth. Hungary TV is also reporting that 'militants' are posing as refugees as they covertly infiltrate European nations. Allegedly two refugees have been identified as members of Al Nusra Front and ISIS based on photographs, and detained. The alleged ISIS member claims he was actually a member of a rebel unit associated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in which case he shouldn't pose any threat at all because Uncle Sam is paying his wages.

Director of U.S. National Intelligence James Clapper would know.
Commentators are saying such a scenario in Europe will be a 'victory' for ISIS. News flash. 'ISIS' doesn't need to infiltrate Europe. They're as good as there already, because ISIS is just a terrorist proxy army of mercenaries doing the U.S.'s bidding (whether individual rank-and-file jihadis are aware of it or not).

With that in mind, consider how easy it would be for a few black ops killers wearing masks to kill a bunch of European citizens and then for the intelligence services to pin the blame on some hapless Muslim patsy who has been on their radar (or in their pay) for years. It's been done many times before, and it can be done again in the future. Whether or not any real card-carrying ISIS jihadis cross into Europe with the refugees is, therefore, a moot point. What people should be concerned about is whether or not they are ready for the aftermath of such a staged event; it could easily lead to political and public calls for internment camps for refugees and other 'undesirables'. Isn't it amazing how quickly 'love' can turn into hate, and how easily Western peoples can be manipulated into calling for what amounts to the militarized infrastructure of a dystopian police state. All in the name of 'freedom' of course.