Joe Zuniga's stunning image reveals rain curtains parting on Florida roadway; motorists 'looked almost like something spiritual coming through the storm'.

Partung of Storm
© Joe Zuniga
Motorist captures parting of the storm.
As stormy skies cleared over Florida earlier this week, Joe Zuniga experienced an extraordinary moment he described as spiritual, and unforgettable. The parting of the storm.

As Zuniga drove along Interstate 75, the clouds suddenly shifted in a peculiar way, creating an large square-shaped sunny patch through which motorists passed. It was as if rain clouds had parted over the motorists for a reason.

"They looked almost like something spiritual coming through the storm, and the Lord has got your back," Zuniga told the Weather Channel.

Zuniga pulled over immediately, and captured the image atop this post.

"I was actually on the phone with my sister. It was her birthday," Zuniga told Fox 13. "I told her I had to call back. I had to take a picture."

Zuniga, a recording artist, had been driving east of Tampa on I-75. He posted the image on his Facebook page Tuesday and, understandably, it was widely shared.

"It's an awesome and humbling feeling knowing that my photo has touched so many people!" Zuniga stated.

While it might have been, for the musician, a spiritual experience, meteorologists are familiar with the phenomenon.

The Weather Channel reports that it was simply the result of two rain curtains that "just happened to have their edges lined up with the shoulders of I-75, and Zuniga was in the right place at the right time to capture it."