Obama, Police State
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Every day, Americans are assaulted by government officials in the name of national security and you are powerless to stop it. This new power was developed and enhanced by President Obama and the progressive oligarchs that are currently in power. How many civil liberties will be lost so that Americans will have the illusion of safety?

In May, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled 3-2 that private citizens cannot stop the illegal, unwarranted search of their homes by police officers. The Indiana Supreme Court ruled in this manner to "protect" the police from assaults for infringing on individual civil liberties. This same Supreme Court ruled that the police don't have to knock on searches of a home. Do you feel safer knowing that the police can enter your home using force and illegally without knocking? Please do not think that this cannot happen in Michigan.

This month, in Arizona, a police chief declared martial law because citizens protested an illegal tax. It seems that the Tea Party threatened to protest the actions of the city council and the police chief felt a need to "take control of the situation." He subsequently fired the elected mayor. Just where did he get this new power from? Isn't it a citizen's duty to ask questions at a town hall meeting about all new taxes? The last time I checked, this is the reason that the Open Meetings Act was enacted. Why is this police chief siding with elected officials who might be breaking the law? Aren't the police supposed to be impartial and enforce the law equally? Do the people of Arizona feel safe with this new government?

Since President Obama became president, he has written many executive orders which enhance police powers and further erode civil liberties. Teachers in Texas can now get the criminal histories of their students. The FBI has now dedicated a specific branch to domestic investigations and operations. The police now get away with assaulting journalists and photographers for investigating any corrupt activity. This list goes on and gets worse. When are the American people going to realize they are living in an illusion dictated by what the government deems as being "policy?"

The next time you are at the airport and see the TSA in action, ask yourself, honestly, why are you allowing these people to assault you? Is this just an illusion of safety and am I allowing the government to shred the Constitution? When you control people's perception of reality (what's real), you control their ability to make intelligent decisions. Stop believing the lies and realize that your rights are being eroded in the name of government policy.

John Jae Holeton

Shelby Township