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Flying is not always fun. Not for the flight attendants, not for the passengers. And sometimes that lack of fun manifests in confrontations between the two parties. On a U.S. Airways flight from Philly to Miami on Friday, a flight attendant (known as Tonialla G.) was reportedly being rude to several passengers in the boarding area, and a woman named Sandy DeWitt decided to use her iPhone to snap a shot of the employee's name tag, so she could later report her to the airline.

Once at her seat, DeWitt was confronted by Tonialla, who ordered her to delete the photo. And get this -- even after DeWitt complied, the flight attendant deemed her a "security threat" and saw to it that she was thrown off the plane!

U.S. Airways' response?

Their spokesperson said DeWitt was removed for being "disruptive ... using foul and explicit language."

Interesting that there are two very different stories here, but I'm more apt to believe the passenger herself. As long as her iPhone photo story is true, there's absolutely no good reason for her to have been kicked off the flight. The fact that this could happen to an airline customer in the "home of the free" is not only ridiculous -- it's a little terrifying, too.