© Ben Curtis/APAnti-government demonstrators retaliate against Mubarak's thugs as a solitary Egyptian soldier looks on from the roof of the Egyptian Museum
What it is aint exactly clear...

But let's try and get some perspective anyway.

The peaceful mass demonstrations in Egypt over the past ten days against dictator Hosni Mubarak turned into a pitched battle on February 2 when coordinated groups of "pro-government supporters" armed with knives, spears and machetes attacked the streets leading to Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo and began throwing rocks at the protesters and systematically attacking journalists. They were supported by a cavalry charge of sorts as maniacs on horses and camels plowed into the crowds, lashing out wildly with their horsewhips. The coordinated nature of the assault was unmistakable as these "pro-government supporters" next sought vantage points on rooftops overlooking the masses of protesters and hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks in every direction. Their fury and stark raving psychopathology stands in total contrast to the millions of peaceful protesters we've seen on the streets of Egypt's cities over the past week; organising neighbourhood watches, street-cleaning operations and security checkpoints to screen for the "pro-Mubarak supporters" and to detain the undercover policemen disguised as looters.

I'll clarify something here that mainstream pundits seem a little hazy on: there are no "pro-Mubarak supporters". Their numbers are predominantly made up of the police and security services that had disappeared from the city center on the third day of the revolution when the protesters chased them back across the October 6th bridge spanning the Nile river. They're joined by desperate youths enticed by promises of thirty pieces of silver and thousands of prisoners released from jails during the initial chaos on January 25. Mubarak's intention is for these neanderthals to create mayhem that will necessitate directing the enormous Egyptian army to finally do something about the "fighting between both sides." It's the old story of 'divide and conquer'.

© Hannibal Hanschke/EPAA police helicopter tries to intimidate protesters by swooping low over Tahrir Square in Cairo
Egyptians know that Mubarak's insistence that he remain in power until September is merely a ploy to buy time to coordinate his counter-revolution. The dictator understands that he can't beat the protesters into submission with the world's media watching, so his loyal thugs are attacking every journalist in sight. We've heard him say he'll leave in September this year. But Egyptians know better than to trust his word and that, when cornered, Mubarak is capable of anything. Right now he is subverting an unprecedented and peaceful protest movement into an orchestrated riot and bloodbath, all the while saying that he can't leave immediately "for fear that the country would sink into chaos." Spoken like a true psychopath!

Dude, Where's the CIA?

A question that's been nagging at me as I watch events unfold is: WHERE THE HELL IS AL QAEDA?!

Y'know, long-haired, hippy-looking types, scruffy beards, armed to the teeth, prone to horrendous PR gaffes?

Have you seen them lately? No?

Here's a little recap on what we're supposed to believe;
  1. Muslim terrorists had the means to carry out 9/11.
  2. Muslim terrorists were so well organised, armed and trained that they bled the might of the world's largest, most sophisticated military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  3. Muslim terrorists were so diabolically cunning and omnipresent that we went along with the argument that the only way to defeat them was to surrender more freedoms to the global police state
And what supposedly motivates Muslim terrorists? "Jihad against the infidels!" Specifically, jihad against the ring of brutal regimes across the Muslim world backed by imperial forces which hold "their people" prisoners and stand in the way of their utopian Islamic Caliphate.

Well, along comes THE golden opportunity to put their money where their mouths have been these past 10 years and fan the flames in their favour...and yet, silence.


Osama Bin Laden made yet another ghost appearance the week before the uprising began, warning Sarkozy that his refusal to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was a "green light" to kill French hostages. After ten years of this incessant, mind-numbing bullshit about The Muslim Terror bombarding us from every angle, don't you think "the terrorists" would be FALLING ALL OVER THEMSELVES TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS UPRISING?! Wouldn't they at least be offering political and moral support to their brethren as they struggle desperately and courageously to shake off the shackles?

© Sean Smith/Guardian
With Osama apparently preoccupied with more pressing matters elsewhere, the Muslim Brotherhood has been mentioned in passing as the "extreme Islam" that might seize power should Hosni high-tail it, but from what I can tell its contribution to events thus far has been tame at best. Israel is harping on about the threat represented by this conservative Islamist organisation, but the Brotherhood is meekly calling for a coalition government with Mubarak while the masses of Egyptians are screaming for him to "GET OUT!"

The Hardest Part of Holding On Is Letting Go

Let's back up and look at a few other events in January.

First thing to note is the worrisome (for Israel) trend of countries "unilaterally" declaring official recognition of statehood for Palestine. Venezuela led the way on behalf of Latin American countries, nearly all of whom followed suit at the end of 2010 and beginning of this year. But the 'Big Daddy-oh' came on January 24 when Russia moved to recognise Palestine. A large bomb was detonated at Moscow airport that night, killing 35 people, but it was immediately overshadowed by the socio-quake of January 25 when Egyptians' "Day of Wrath" launched their revolution. Coincidence?

Egypt receives about $1.3 billion a year in US military aid and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic assistance from its benefactor, the US government. This is second only to Israel. The Israeli government seems to have been genuinely caught off guard by the scale of the uprising across the Sinai. Three days into the protests, Tel-Aviv was still declaring confidence that Mubarak would survive. At the same time, they evacuated their envoys' families from Cairo. Netanyahu said he was "shocked" by Obama's "betrayal of Mubarak." He has a point too. In effect, Obama HAS betrayed one of the empire's key garrison commanders. You could just about smell the desperation coming from Israel when it called on the US and EU to get back behind Mubarak "to preserve stability in the region." Headlines like "Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt" have been appearing in Israeli media all week.

© Sean Smith/Guardian
While it's true that protesters found tear gas canisters marked "Made in USA" during the initial battles with the police, this shouldn't be surprising given that Egypt's entire military-security infrastructure, from its jets down to police uniforms, is leased from the US. With calls from the US for Mubarak to stand down, it looks like Israel will have to counter this revolution alone; Israeli planes landed at Cairo's Mina International Airport last Saturday, carrying "a large supply of internationally proscribed gas to disperse crowds." The presence of Israeli intelligence agents in Cairo has also been reported.

Then we heard that a Republican Senator's proposal to snip the purse strings to Israel was gaining traction in the US Congress. Lieutenant General Sami Enan, the Egyptian army's chief of staff, was actually meeting his superiors at the Pentagon when the uprising began. We got another hint of US foreknowledge from this report of US troops being deployed to the Sinai Peninsula as early as January 15. There has been no official news yet on where they are now or what they are up to, but it is well known that such deployments are used as cover for the insertion of CIA teams. Of course, there is the genuine strategic interest of the Suez canal, and vast amounts of oil that transit through it, to consider.

Rage Days

Something that caught my attention early on was the recurrence of the 'Day of Rage' meme, a kind of clarion call for protest movements. Here it is being used by Hamas last year. Here's another 'Day of Rage' sponsored by "Muslim leaders" after the Pope apparently said something offensive about Islam in 2006.

The term 'Days of Rage' was first coined by student protests in the US in the 1960s, specifically by the Weathermen faction of the Students for a Democratic Society, whose infiltration by the US government was partly responsible for derailing the civil rights movement. Now, I'm not implying that the 'Days of Rage' label being used by the protest organisers and the media to frame events in the Middle East today necessarily points to nefarious orchestration or instigation of the protests. It could be an interesting signature, or it could just be a convenient slogan that resonates with the people's mood. After all, the Muslim world should be enraged with everything that has happened to it as a result of the 9/11 attacks and beyond. The whole world should be enraged with the handful of psychopaths and their goons running the show.

© Sean Smith/Guardian
I guess it comes back to the idea that it's not the technology itself that isn't to be trusted, but the intention behind the technology. Facebook seems to have proved useful for initial network-building in this wave of protests; but should the protests fail, all that info in government hands will be used to track and torture the participants. It helps to remember always that your enemy is more devious than you can imagine:
Tunisia plants country-wide keystroke logger on Facebook

Dan Goodin
The Register

Gmail and Yahoo! Too

Malicious code injected into Tunisian versions of Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo! stole login credentials of users critical of the North African nation's authoritarian government, according to security experts and news reports.

The rogue JavaScript, which was individually customized to steal passwords for each site, worked when users tried to login without availing themselves of the secure sockets layer protection designed to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. It was found injected into Tunisian versions of Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo! in late December, around the same time that protesters began demanding the ouster of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the president who ruled the country from 1987 until his ouster 10 days ago.
Twitter got a bad rap for inflaming proceedings in Iran a couple of years ago, but the Mullahs didn't order the Internet be switched off. I was amazed to learn that this could even be done when the seven or so Internet Service Providers in Egypt obeyed a command from on-high last Friday to block all traffic to and from Egypt, which flatlined within just 30 minutes! There's an interesting time-lapse video here demonstrating how this took place. Many Egyptians found ways around it (with help from outside) and resorted to ham radios and fax machines to communicate.

It's interesting to note that, as this was taking place, a bill was reintroduced in the US Congress to grant the White House executive control of an Internet "kill-switch". Besides this nuclear option, it was announced this week that Canadians will get the first, bitter dose of metered Internet. I don't believe the timing is coincidental. Or if it is, then it's only coincidental in the sense that the 'Powers That Be' has figured that the whole house of cards is about to come down, so they're preparing to apply drastic measures. Cutting the Internet in Egypt could be a useful test run then, from their perspective anyway. What definitely isn't coincidental is that a US-based company founded by "Israeli security experts" makes the particular "Internet off-switch" that was sold to Egypt.

Let Them Revolt

With WikiLeaks' cosy relationship with the Israeli regime in mind, that US embassy cable from Cairo, leaked two days into the revolution and exposing US preparation three years in the making for this event could have been a message to the US from Israel: you get right back behind Mubarak or we'll expose your scheming and pull strings in the media to portray you as the instigators of a coup d'état!

Or it could have been leaked to the media ASAP to give people the impression that this event did not catch both Israel and the US by surprise. No doubt there are other possibilities.

I think Joe Quinn hit the mark again by thinking of the deeper moves on the chessboard when, before any news of US involvement broke, he noted:
© Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty ImagesNot going anywhere: Egyptians spend the night in Tahrir Square, following a seventh day of protests
"It seems to me that the only reason that these protests in Tunisia and Egypt are proving successful is because the US has dropped support of those particular dictatorships. In years gone by, similar rebellions would have been, and were, brutally suppressed by the regime (by way of the military) because it was given assurances by the US (and sometimes the UK) that their support would continue. Indeed, in years gone by, the CIA would have already been in Tunisia and Egypt for months, re-organizing the military command and in general directing the burgeoning "revolution" to ensure the right outcome. As to why the US has dropped its support of such regimes: they know that there are major earth changes in the pipeline that will make such revolutions largely insignificant."
And then a day or two later:
"What has been on my mind for a few weeks now, since the moves by several countries to recognise a Palestinian state, is that Israel is being cut loose by the powers that be. It was unmistakable, for me anyway, when I saw the near simultaneous recognition of Palestine and the wave of revolts in Arab nations. Both of these are undoubtedly felt as a serious threat by the Israelis. Since we know that nothing happens in politics by accident, it seems that word went out that it was time to cut the Israelis off. There are probably a few different reasons for this, but at least one of them is likely to be the progressive and strategic dismantling of the US imperial infrastructure - both economic and military (covert and overt) - in preparation for the expected earth change chaos ahead, including food riots across the world. Indeed, there is evidence now that, as regards Tunisia and Egypt (and probably the Arab world in general) the US has done a complete 'about face' and instead of propping up tin pot dictators in the Arab world, they are actively dismantling them:

Egypt Protests: America's Secret Backing for Rebel Leaders Behind Uprising

While all of this MIGHT sound like good news from the point of view of those who have long wished to see the Israelis called to account and more freedom in the Arab world, it is in fact a very dangerous move because the Israelis have always made it clear that, if they were ever to feel "existentially threatened", they would take as much of the world with them as possible. Recent developments vis a vis Palestinian statehood and Arab nationalism are undoubtedly seriously threatening the existentialist core of the Zionist state."
We know that the CIA was instrumental in fomenting the failed so-called "Green Revolution" in Iran. William Engdahl suggests that what we're witnessing today is more of the same, albeit on an altogether more justified basis. If we accept for a moment that the globalised world IS perceived as a "grand chessboard" by the powers that be, then yes, there must be a deeper geo-political angle to this revolutionary fever.

Looking at it from another angle however, I get the sense that a dam has broken that they either cannot control or do not wish to control because they know that it won't matter for much longer. Mubarak is one of theirs, but like all the others plugged into the global power pyramid, he's just a patsy, expendable for the "greater good". People are thoroughly justified in rising up against the tyrants. An unfortunate consequence of confronting the predators in our midst is that the world is about to become a much more dangerous place. Don't get me wrong. I love to see evil regimes smarting from people power! It's living testimony to what most of us figure out at some point or another - we don't need the state to survive; the state feeds on us to survive.

And so, among other factors, the lack of involvement here from "Islamo-fascists", real or imagined, is most certainly conspicuous by its absence. Have you noticed that the Western media are broadly in line with Al Jazeera and other regional media outlets in reporting the facts of events in Egypt? Yep, they are pretty much telling the truth! This simply would not happen unless it suited the grand agenda.

As Above, So Below

But have you seen CNN et al. reporting on this?

Any coverage on Al Jazeera about this interesting aerial phenomena recorded over Kazakhstan?

You certainly won't see Al Jazeera connecting the simultaneous superstorms in the US and Australia with the extraordinary space weather we've been receiving of late. Just look at the SIZE of these things! Here's Cyclone Yasi bearing down on Australia, the strongest storm to hit the continent in living memory:

© US Naval Research LaboratoryA satellite image shows cyclone Yasi approaching the coast of northern Australia
And here's the 2,000 mile-long storm front that delivered a white-out to one third of the US:

© NOAA via Getty ImagesIn this GOES-East satellite image from the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), a winter storm is seen as it moves across the the U.S.February 2, 2011 from space. Snow and ice have been falling across the U.S. in what is being reported as the largest winter storm in decades.
If the Universe is speaking to us through signs, what about this story that "violent seismic activity" is literally tearing Africa in two?! Perhaps this violent seismic activity is in some way contributing to Egypt's social earthquake?

So the timing of revolutionary fever in the Middle East and beyond is interesting to say the least, coming as it does on the back of lunar and solar eclipses two weeks apart, strong solar activity, magnetic field fluctuations, birds falling dead out of the sky, mass animal deaths the world over, marine life washing ashore and storms on a scale and intensity that are unparalleled in living memory.

Coronal Hole Spewing Stream Of Solar Wind Into Space

I wonder if what we're witnessing on the streets of Sana'a in Yemen, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Cairo, Alexandria and everywhere else is literally the result of 'above's' effects on 'below'? If the influx of solar radiation and cosmic rays due to an erratic magnetic field is connected with these monster storms raging across the US and northeastern Australia, can it be producing a direct effect on people, bringing a surge of energy to whatever state people find themselves in? Something for us all to consider, perhaps.

Whatever is building up out there and disturbing the planet's magnetic field is affecting us just as much as it's affecting the planet and the animals.

As the song goes, "It's all connected..."

To what extent these dramatic socio-quakes are being deliberately instigated or co-opted at some level to deceive the masses and to what extent a genuine global revolution against the 6% that rule our world is underway... it's hard to say. It doesn't really matter in the end because history teaches us that all revolutions cycle back into entropy. This is not to denigrate or dissuade all who lend their support to the cause - go for it! Your freedom is deserved and fighting for it is justified. But on a broader scale, the psychological, emotional and spiritual awakening effect of feeling a brother and sisterhood of normal human beings who stand against psychopaths in power may prove to be much more important for our collective future than any temporary social change in any one place.

© Sean Smith/Guardian