Over the past few years, we have periodically seen the letters 'M.M.S.' used in reference to an alternative health treatment. However, it was not until it was written about on our site, by a visiting commentator, that we did any research into M.M.S.. It is unfortunate that it has taken this long for us to notice this fraud, and we can only hope that it has not harmed anyone in the meantime. M.M.S. is an acronym for 'Miracle Mineral Solution'. (Yeah, that's what we thought too.) If you are not already cringing from the market-speak, you will be, when you find that it is simply chlorine dioxide (oxygenated chlorine).

This is the same compound which is used to bleach flour, and disinfect the municipal water supplies. Promoters of M.M.S. claim that it cures AIDS, herpes, cancer, malaria, T.B., and "many more diseases", which are unnamed. Snake oils never had it so good. The M.M.S. fraud would be amusing if it weren't so potentially dangerous. It is primarily being promoted by two people, named Jim Humble and Adam Abraham.

The F.D.A. has not made any move against these fraudsters, despite making every 'unapproved medical claim' imaginable. Yet, when colloidal silver is honestly promoted, or cherry farmers quote scientific studies in favor of their crops medicinal benefits, the F.D.A. enters high alert. This is a pattern which we have noticed, for the F.D.A. is only interested in silencing effective and legitimate alternative medicines, but it condones obvious frauds like M.M.S., because these frauds hurt alternative medicine (the competition) in the long term. In other words, alternative medicine frauds like this are actually beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry.

It is not surprising then, that the same people who sell chlorine dioxide as a dietary supplement, also sell detox food pads. The pads, by the way, simply turn brown when any moisture is applied to them. They cannot remove toxins, or microscopic parasites through the feet. Toxins and parasites are generally found in the internal organs, far away from, and protected from the feet. The chemicals in the foot pads, however, do have the strong potential to be absorbed through the skin, to actually cause toxicity. Remember, that the pads must allow the movement of water into them, after all, and this means that the water-soluble chemicals will likewise escape to the skin.

Consumers of M.M.S. are told to mix sodium chloride with citric acid, to produce chlorine dioxide. They are advised to take several drops per day, inside an acidic fruit drink. Then, the individual should reduce the amount of drops that are used until it does not make them sick. (A telling indicator if ever I heard one.) This is supposed to continue perpetually, assumably for a lifetime. During that time, it is supposed to kill all pathogens, parasites, diseases, and remove all heavy metals too! It does not, however, give a person X-ray vision. We just gave them an idea, didn't we? Darn-it.

While bleach is very effective for cleaning toilets of fungi and other dangerous pathogens, the same products should not be consumed into the human body. Bleach kills the pathogens by poisoning them, and then corroding them. Internally consuming a corrosive that is equally poisonous is hardly health wyze, but nonetheless the claims continue.
"Amazing as it might seem, when used correctly, the immune system can use this killer to only attack those germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, and other microorganisms that are harmful to the body."

"It has been used in stock yards to kill pathogens on meat, and on slaughtered chickens; it has been used to sterilize hospital floors and benches, and to kill pathogens in water works without killing friendly bacteria for over 70 years."

"If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign... It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone. "

That's right, it's not "real diarrhea". It's just fake diarrhea that you should not worry yourself about. We were almost speechless, and concluded that the author must have diarrhea of the mouth. At least the last sentence, "When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone", is actually true ― so it caught us off guard.

Whenever someone is seriously mistaken, then it is at least annoying, but it is much harder to maintain patient composure when cataloging absolute bold-faced lies; especially from people pretending to be our friends, at the expense of our health, and our finances. We would ask for a listing of the "bleach resistant" good bacteria, but alas, we know that they do not exist. Bleach is extremely poisonous to all living organisms, regardless of size or function.

If a solution such as chlorine dioxide did work, (and believe me that would be a stretch of the imagination) then it would work in the same despicable manner as chemotherapy. It would poison the entire body, and hopefully kill-off the weaker (diseased) cells first; but it would also have the side-effect of damaging all the healthy cells too. Chlorine is used to sterilize hospitals and slaughterhouses because it is poisonous to everything, not just the harmful bacteria. The very term sterilization means to kill everything, which is something the fraudsters are apparently unaware of, as shown by their claims. The same is true for the water supply. If chlorine dioxide were effective, then tap water would be ideal for our health, along with bleached white flour, bleached table salt, white sugar, and bleached white rice, but those who regularly consume these products are the unhealthiest in society. The one common thread is bleaching with chlorine.

This product ("MMS") is particularly dangerous, because those who sell it are encouraging people to ignore the symptoms of toxicity. Vomiting and diarrhea are a clear indication that the body is trying to eliminate something toxic, and that something is making it violently ill ― not healthier. That is why 'food poisoning' is so unpleasant, and it is also why chlorine will produce the same effect. If any medication were causing nausea and vomiting, then it is always recommended by everyone that its use be discontinued. When these symptoms occur from a bad reaction with a chemical, it generally means that the person's life is risked by continued usage. We hope to put an abrupt stop to the sales of M.M.S. before a child is killed with it, and again, we ask that our readers help spread the word.

The Effects of Chlorine on the Body

The environmental protection agency website explains that chlorine dioxide reduces activity in rats, and produces neurological disorders. However, there have been very few studies on the effects of orally consumed chlorine dioxide, because governmental agencies do not assume that people will be drinking it as a supplement. In fact, we have to wonder what the U.S.D.A.'s recommended daily allowance for Chlorox is.

Chlorine has been known for years to both cause and worsen respiratory problems including asthma and pneumonia. As a thyroid crippling halogen, chlorine damages enzymes across the board to decimate the immune system upon ingestion or inhalation. Chlorine causes magnesium deficiency, which can cause almost any symptom you can imagine, from migraine headaches, high blood pressure, chemical sensitivity, and in severe cases: sudden death, according to Mark J. Eisenberg, MD. When such magnesium deficiencies are combined with M.S.G. intake, it sometimes leads to sudden and unexpected heart failure; even amongst young people. Chlorine also decreases the absorption, while increasing the excretion of calcium and phosphorus. This increased loss of calcium into the urine leads to bone-related problems including osteoporosis. Chlorine has been known to irritate the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system. It has a tendency to react with other chemicals (especially acids) to produce even more toxic by-products. Some of chlorine's by-products are known as trihalomethanes (THM's). An example of a THM is chloroform, a well documented cancer causing agent. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that chlorine and THM's are leading causes of colon and bladder cancers, as well as diabetes, kidney stones, and of course, heart attacks.

Joining Together To Keep Dangerous Frauds Out of Alternative Medicine

For those readers who missed the joke, sodium chloride is bleached table salt. We doubt that it will help with heart disease and high blood pressure. Unfortunately though, this is not something that we can laugh about, as people may have already died from this snake oil. If frauds such as this one are allowed to parade under the banner of 'alternative medicine', then people who are trying to escape from the establishment will just get harmed more, due to M.M.S., and alternative medicine as a whole will be unfairly stigmatized. It is therefore important that sites which are espousing true alternative medicines work with us to expose the dangers of chlorine dioxide (M.M.S.) before a child is seriously harmed by it, for otherwise, it is inevitable. Just imagine a parent trying to cure a child of a serious disease with a bottle of Chlorox, and ignoring his repeated vomiting. While such a thing would be 'child cruelty', it could easily happen if a parent simply believes the M.M.S. scam.