Huge waves caused by king tides have smashed into dozens of villages and towns in northern Papua New Guinea, destroying homes and flooding businesses and a hospital.

Authorities said there were no reports of casualties, but they were still trying to contact several outlying islands after the waves hit across an 800km stretch of ocean yesterday. Hundreds of people were left homeless

The waves struck PNG's north coast near the town of Wewak and islands to the northeast, such as New Ireland.

"Huge waves that lasted for about six hours lashed these areas and created pools as deep as two metres, sending sediment and debris flooding into homes and businesses," The National newspaper reported.

New Ireland disaster coordinator Elsie Wambun told The Post Courier newspaper the sea rose up to 1.5m.

"The wave took out the hospital," said Nessie Amos from Kavieng on New Ireland. "The hospital's equipment was washed out but patients were saved and taken to another hospital."