There are always a lot of new photographs and videos of UFOs going around the Net, but recently I received a video via email from a lady who lives in Oregon that I found very compelling. I have included a frame grab from the film for you. The object certainly appears to be a traditional disc-shaped object-the film is fairly clear, and in my opinion, would be very difficult to hoax. After communicating with the lady, I am thoroughly convinced that her sighting is legitimate. Although she was in the car with her husband, he was not able to see the object and navigate traffic at the same time.

Her husband and her were driving between Eagle Point and White City on 03-20-07, when she noticed a small, shiny spot in the sky. She grabbed her camera, and began to film the object, but not without difficulty, as it was moving very quickly through the sky, and her car was rolling down the highway. She finally loses the object when it disappears behind some trees. Check out the Youtube UFO video. I think you'll agree that this is one of the best UFO videos in quite some time.