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Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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17-foot sinkhole opens up on road in Des Moines, Iowa

The sinkhole, located on Southwest 12th street and Thornton Avenue, was estimated to be about 35 feet deep.

The sinkhole, located on Southwest 12th street and Thornton Avenue, was estimated to be about 35 feet deep.
A 17-foot sinkhole that formed in a Des Moines street over the weekend has closed down a portion of that road until it can be fixed, officials said Tuesday.

The sinkhole, at Southwest 12th Street and Thornton Avenue on Des Moines' south side, was reported to the city of Des Moines on Saturday. It measures about 17 feet deep, and roughly the same across, said Des Moines Water Works Chief Operating Officer Ted Corrigan.

The hole has since been covered with a metal plate, but the 3600 block of Southwest 12th Street will remain closed except for local traffic until officials can repair the street, Corrigan said.

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Huge sinkhole found at Oxford High School, Mississippi

massive sinkhole at Oxford High School.

Massive sinkhole at Oxford High School.
Engineers and construction crews found a massive sinkhole at Oxford High School. The sinkhole was found behind the press box on the football field.

However, FOX13 found out it's a problem that runs deeper than under the press box.

The Oxford School Superintendent said the massive sinkhole wasn't caused by rainwater, but an underground spring.

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"Pothole Killer" falls into sinkhole in Niagara Falls, New York

© RobShots
A sinkhole halted a piece of large equipment ironically dubbed a "Pothole Killer" at 18th and South Streets in Niagara Falls on Thursday.

There were no injuries, Niagara Falls Police have confirmed.

They are working to get the truck out of the sinkhole.

The "Pothole Killer" belongs to a Pennsylvania-based service which the City of Niagara Falls contracts with to fill potholes.


Huge fissures tear through homes and infrastructure after heavy rains in Uganda

fissures uganda
Over 300 homes have been destroyed and several people displaced after several big cracks developed following heavy rain in Bupoto Sub County and Namisindwa town council in Namisindwa district, Uganda on May 23, 2018. The fissures in the ground go right through people's houses, gardens and bridges have been washed away. Like Kenya, Uganda is situated in the valley of the East African Rift, which is in the process of splitting the African Plate into two new separate plates - the Nubian Plate and the Somali Plate. After giant cracks opened up in Kenya, now Uganda has its own cracks. Something big is happening in the region right now! Just to say...

Here some more pictures of the dramatic situation... As if an earthquake had just struck the area:

Comment: Since when did heavy rains cause gaping splits in the ground? This event in Uganda is just the latest in a recent spate of epic fissures, sinkholes and landslides: Also check out SOTTs monthly documentary: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - April 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Huge sinkhole swallows 3 cars at construction site in east China

The road collapses and opens a 10-foot-deep hole and swallows three vehicles instantly

The road collapses and opens a 10-foot-deep hole and swallows three vehicles instantly
A large sinkhole has swallowed two cars and a minivan at a flood prevention works in east China.

Nearby CCTV footage captured a construction site collapsed and opened up a 10-foot-deep hole before dragging the vehicles into it.

There were no casualties reported in this incident. The constructions are now put on halt as local government ordered the company to repair the damaged pipes.

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Bus falls into huge sinkhole in Multan, Pakistan

A metro bus fell into a sinkhole in Multan on Saturday, a day after PML-N leadership made tall claims about the quality of development projects in the city.

The bus got stuck after a 10-foot deep sinkhole appeared on Suraj Miyani Road.

The people were evacuated from the bus. No casualties were reported.

The substandard material used for the road construction was the reason for the incident.

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Large sinkhole swallows 3 cars in Athens, Greece

A sinkhole "swallowed" parked cars in a parking lot in Kallithea.

According to kallitheaonline.gr, at least three cars fell inside the sinkhole, leaving their owners wondering if and how they will be compensated by their insurance companies.

Nobody has been injured. The authorities are investigating the causes of the phenomenon.

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Public works truck gets stuck in sinkhole in Burlington, Vermont

Stuck truck
© Corey Rondeau
Stuck truck
You know the roads are bad in Burlington when this happens. A resident snapped this shot of a Department of Public Works truck stuck in a big hole!

It happened Tuesday at Kilburn and St. Paul streets.

The resident posted it to the online forum Reddit and the department responded, blaming aging infrastructure for the incident.

They said no one was hurt.

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Following record rainfall, huge rift opens opens up on farm in Rotorua, New Zealand

Colin Tremain next to the sinkhole

Colin Tremain next to the sinkhole
A giant sinkhole has opened up on a farm near Rotorua following Sunday's record breaking rainfall in the region.

The sinkhole, or tomo, was about 200 metres long, 30m wide and 20m deep, farm manager Colin Tremain said.

It runs along a fault-line at the Tumunui farm and was discovered by one of the farm's staff, who went out to get the cows first thing on Monday morning.

It's the ninth serious tomo that has been on the farm that was at least 10m deep, Mr Tremain said.

Comment: Crikey! Here's drone footage...

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Massive sinkhole opens in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida sinkhole
© Erik Avanier
A massive sinkhole reported on the city's Westside Thursday night caused road closures near Ringhaver Park.

The sinkhole was reported in the 5300 block of 118th Street near Sundown Drive. JEA crews shut down the area as they worked to repair it through the night.

First Coast News sent crews to the scene and reported that a couple crew members were seen inside of the sinkhole.