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Fri, 23 Feb 2018
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30 by 40 foot sinkhole opens in west Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield, CA sinkhole
© Felix Adamo
A large sinkhole in west Bakersfield closed traffic Monday on a section of Coffee Road.

The roughly 30 by 40-foot sinkhole occurred just off the roadway shortly after 8 a.m. in the 200 block of Coffee Road, near Westfield Road and north of Stockdale Highway. authorities said.

Bakersfield firefighters said they closed lanes in both directions on Coffee at Westfield Road after arriving at the area, where it's believed a "compromised" 20-inch water main led to the sinkhole.

Construction has been going on nearby, and it's believed workers were trying to tie in the water main for a storm drain system, said Mike Mares, Cal Water's Bakersfield district manager. Water poured out of the main before being shut off before 10 a.m.

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Firefighters rescue man who fell into 10-foot deep sinkhole in Philadelphia

Eugene Clarke, a Strawberry Mansion block captain, was rescued after he fell down a sinkhole late Saturday night. Clarke's wife took a photo of him before firefighters pulled him out.

Eugene Clarke, a Strawberry Mansion block captain, was rescued after he fell down a sinkhole late Saturday night. Clarke's wife took a photo of him before firefighters pulled him out.
A man had to be rescued by fire department personnel after falling into a 10-foot sinkhole in Philadelphia.

Officials said the 58-year-old man was walking in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia at about 11 p.m. Saturday.

They said he stepped off a curb between two parked cars and fell into the newly formed sinkhole that was about two feet wide and 10 feet deep.

He was rescued by firefighters and was taken to Temple University Hospital for treatment of injuries said not to be life-threatening.

Source: Associated Press


Seventh home condemned in Florida sinkhole disaster

sinkhole Florida

Two more homes have been condemned because of a Florida sinkhole that swallowed two homes in July. The sinkhole at Lake Padgett Estates in Tampa first opened up on July 14, but got bigger Friday night (pictured on August 4).
A seventh home has been condemned because of a Florida sinkhole that swallowed two homes in July.

The seventh house was condemned Monday morning, after two were condemned Sunday and two on Friday.

The sinkhole at Lake Padgett Estates in Tampa first opened up on July 14 and destroyed two homes when the ground caved in.

The sinkhole got bigger Friday night and is now about 260 feet wide at its widest point.

Crews brought in earth to stabilize the banks. Once the edges are stabilized, workers hope to remove debris.

Authorities hope to create a boat ramp so they can work from a barge, which will float on water in the sinkhole.

Overnight on Friday, an 80 by 10-foot-wide section of the sinkhole's banks collapsed.

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Swedish factory forced to close after huge sinkhole emerges near the building

Sinkhole Domsjö factory Örnsköldsvik Sweden
© Carl Sundström/SVT Nyheter Västernorrland
The sinkhole opened up over Sunday night in Örnsköldsvik.
A factory in northern Sweden has been forced to close for the day after a huge sinkhole opened up in the middle of an industrial area on Sunday night.

Workers at the Domsjö factory in Örnsköldsvik raised the alarm on Sunday evening after they noticed a hole emering in the ground near the building. It grew during the night to a substantial size.

"It's about eight metres by eight metres in size. The depth is unknown," Håkan Wiberg, unit head at Örnsköldsvik emergency services told The Local.

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Large 'sinkhole' appears after heavy rain in San Mateo, Philippines

Residents are gripped with fear over what is believed to be a sinkhole in San Mateo, Rizal.

According to Marisol Abdurahman's report on "24 Oras", a portion of the road in Sta. Barbara Villas collapsed early Wednesday morning after a heavy rain.

The hole is reportedly 60-foot deep.

Jun Bryan, a resident in the area since 1999, said people would have trouble sleeping because of the incident.

The report said the road had started to collapse in September 2016.


New images from Alaska's seafloor suggest high tsunami danger

Scientists mapping the seafloor off the coast of Alaska have identified a segment of the subduction zone they say signals the potential for a major tsunami in an area that normally would be considered benign.
Japan's tsunami
© Kyodo
After-effects of Japan's tsunami.
Major tsunamis usually occur at the shallow portions of subduction zones, the areas where one of the tectonic plates that make up Earth's surface dives below another. Called crash zones, they are dangerously active and tectonic interactions can cause some of the world's biggest earthquakes and tsunamis.

The research, led by seismologist Anne Bécel of Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, shows that segments of subduction zones capable of producing tsunamis have three characteristic structural configurations and the mapping and study of the subduction zone off the Alaska coast "suggests this part of Alaska is particularly prone to tsunami generation."

"The possibility that such features are widespread is of global significance." In addition to Alaska, she said, "waves could hit more southerly North American coasts, Hawaii and other parts of the Pacific." Bécel noted that when the energy at the point of subduction is high and suddenly is released, the resulting earthquake can make the ocean floor jump up and down like a spring. The motion then transfers to the overlying water, creating the tidal wave.

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10 sinkholes found near hydroelectric dam in Vietnam

One among 10 sinkholes found near Ho Ho power plant.

One among 10 sinkholes found near Ho Ho power plant.
On the morning of July 31, the Department of Science and Technology of Quang Binh province organized a field inspection team of subsidence holes in corn field in Tan Duc village 3 (Huong Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh).

In early June, people in Tan Duc 3 hamlet in Huong Hoa commune found six big holes in a maize fields and reported to the local authorities. After nearly two months, the number of holes has increased to ten.

The local authorities examined the holes, which are located within an area of 300sq.m, on the right bank of the Ngan Sau River. The biggest hole is 17m in diameter and 4m deep. The holes are only about 800m from the dam of Ho Ho hydropower plant.

Locals have filled up some holes while some holes have expanded.

The local authorities claimed that this is a normal geological phenomenon and not related to or a risk to the Ho Ho dam.

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Sinkhole partly swallows fire truck in Veracruz, Mexico: 4th for city in a month

It is the fourth this month in the city.

It is the fourth this month in the city.
Firefighters in Veracruz were looking for floodwaters after heavy rains but they found a sinkhole instead. Or it found them.

A rear wheel of the tanker truck fell into the hole yesterday morning, stranding the vehicle on Calle Mariano Azuela.

No one was hurt.

A municipal official said work is currently under way in the area to replace water mains.

It is the fourth sinkhole to appear in the streets of the city this month. One swallowed a city transit bus.


Sinkhole opens up next to home in The Villages, Florida

Sinkhole in The Villages, FL
© The Villages Public Safety Dept.
A home in the villages has been deemed too dangerous to live in. That's because a sinkhole opened up on the private property.

Lt. John Longacre, emergency resource specialist for The Villages Public Safety Department, said the house that is next to the sinkhole can't be lived in until it's fixed and checked out by an engineer.

"I would say it's about 20 feet across and about 12 to 15 feet deep," said Longacre.

The sinkhole started opening up Monday and got progressively bigger. The Villages had another sinkhole about two year ago and has had others on golf courses. Longarce said no one was hurt.

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Massive Florida sinkhole that swallowed two houses continues to widen, more homes put on evacuation alert

Land O'Lakes Florida sinkhole
© Luis Santana / Times
A sinkhole that has engulfed two Land O’Lakes homes and led nearby residents to evacuate widened by about 10 feet Wednesday. Officials plan to add soil to prevent further erosion.
The massive Pasco County sinkhole widened by Wednesday, prompting officials to warn additional residents that they may need to evacuate if it keeps getting bigger.

The growth three days after the opening that appeared to have stabilized is due to erosion of the sandy soil around it, according to Pasco County officials. They said they do not believe it indicates further instability in the underlying limestone bedrock that caused the ground to collapse and swallow two homes last week.

The sinkhole — already one of the largest in Pasco in decades — widened by about 10 feet and now measures about 235 feet across. The depth remained at 50 feet as of Wednesday.

Comment: 200-foot sinkhole swallows two homes in Land O' Lakes, Florida