Two people missing after massive sinkholes appear in Guatemala
Two people missing after massive sinkholes appear in Guatemala
At least two people are missing and three others have been injured in Guatemala after two giant sinkholes opened up in a street south of the country's capital.

The three injured people fell into a 15m sinkhole on Saturday while inside their vehicle and were rescued hours later by the emergency services.

Rescue teams and members of the Guatemalan army have entered the sinkhole in search of the two missing people.

The sinkholes formed on a street in the municipality of Villa Nueva, 20km south of capital Guatemala City.

Guatemala's national disaster relief agency CONRED has set up in the affected area to investigate the sinkholes and determine if there are any risks to residents in the zone.

Road Safety and Security spokesperson Juan Aquino said cranes were used to remove a vehicle that fell into the sinkhole.

He said two of the three people injured had been inside the vehicle while the third was a motorcyclist.

Sinkholes are a deadly common occurrence in Guatemala City and come without warning.

In 2007, the country's largest sinkhole swallowed homes and a truck and killed three people as the ground suddenly gave way.

In 2010 a three-storey building dramatically disappeared into another sinkhole.

Source: Reuters