The little scooter was stuck inside the hole
© Jam Press Vid/NewslionsThe little scooter was stuck inside the hole in the road
A motorcyclist had a lucky escape when a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up in the road in front of him.

Shocking footage shows the silver scooter riding along when the tarmac caved in beneath its wheels, leaving the driver - named as Bhopal Singh Medu - out of control.

The rear of the scooter fell into the pit first, before the rest of the scooter - and its hapless rider - followed.

Luckily for the man several people stopped to come to his aid, dragging Bhopal out of the pit by his hands.

Bhopal had been riding on Bhagat's Kothi-Basni road in Rajasthan, India, at the time of the accident.

He was left with injuries to his shoulder, knee and leg - but was able to return home.

The bike came off worse in the incident and was heavily damaged.

After receiving information about the accident, police reached the spot and diverted traffic.

The road leading from New Campus to Bhagat Ki Kothi station has been closed for the time being, due to the incident, and further traffic jams are to be expected.

Earlier this year, police were forced to close a residential road in south-east London when a huge sinkhole swallowed part of the street.

Dramatic pictures showed the 20ft crater spanned the width of the road which a motorcyclist is said to have plunged into.

He managed to climb out, although his bike was trapped at the bottom of the pit.

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