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Sun, 11 Apr 2021
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Landslide triggered by rain kills at least 7 in Uganda

Landslide in Karungu Sub-county
© Uganda Red Cross
Landslide in Karungu Sub-county, Buhweju District, Western Uganda, February 2021.
Uganda Red Cross reports that at least 7 people have died in a landslide in Western Uganda.

The landslide buried a house in Karungu Sub-county, Buhweju District late on 18 February, 2021. Local media later reported the number of fatalities as 8, including several children.

According to Uganda Red Cross, the landslide was triggered by heavy rainfall during a thunderstorm and heavy rain. Two survivors were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Red Cross teams and disaster officials have been deployed to the affected area.

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Woman dies in flash flood on Maui, Hawaii

A swimmer at Waioka Pond, also known as Venus Pool, died after a flash flood swept multiple swimmers out to the ocean today, the Maui Department of Fire and Public Safety announced.

Maui Fire Department personnel responded just before 10 a.m. to the swimmers being swept out to the ocean.

The department confirmed that two swimmers were able to climb to safety before being carried into the ocean. Two other swimmers ended up in the ocean, but one was able to swim back to shore.

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Deadly landslides and floods triggered by heavy rainfall in El Oro, Ecuador

At least 1 person has died and several were injured after heavy rain triggered landslides and flooding in El Oro Province, southern Ecuador.

The country's National Service for Risk and Emergency Management (SNGRE) reported that heavy rain in Piñas canton in El Oro Province on 16 February triggered flooding and landslides that caused at least 2 houses to collapse. One person was reported killed in the disaster and 3 others were injured. Stretches of road in affected areas were also severely damaged.

A few days earlier a dramatic landslide and mud flow struck in Chunchi Canton, Chimborazo Province on 12 February, leaving 2 people injured and houses destroyed, according to SNGRE. Public buildings and at least 2 bridges were also damaged or destroyed, along with livestock and crops. Chunchi Canton officials declared an emergency. The exact cause of the landslide is uncertain.

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Flash-flooding strikes Afriski Mountain Resort, South Africa - 2 inches of rain in just 30 minutes

Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho was hit by its most brutal flood since opening its doors, with 60mm of rain in 30 minutes on February 15.

That is the equivalent to one-tenth of Johannesburg's annual rainfall in 30 minutes. The damage to internal roads, infrastructure and buildings are extensive.

Thankfully no lives were lost, with staff and guests remaining safe, but the destruction caused by the floods will amount to millions of rands.

Afriski has recorded unprecedented levels of rainfall in the Maluti Mountains of over 800mm since December 2020, while recording only 400mm the previous year. Although the floods have come as a shock, rain can be scarce in this area and remains vital for the entire operation.

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1 dead, 9 missing after floods and mudslides triggered by heavy rainfall in Cusco, Peru

Flood and mudslide debris in La Convencion,
© Provincial Municipality of La Convencion
Flood and mudslide debris in La Convencion, Cusco, Peru, 17 February 2021
At least 1 person has died and 9 are missing after flooding and mudslides in the region of Cusco in southern Peru.

Peru's National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) reported that the disaster, triggered by heavy rainfall, occurred on 16 February in the Santa Ana district on the outskirts of the city of Quillabamba in La Convención Province.

Initial assessments suggest that 13 homes were destroyed along with 2 bridges and 2 schools. Around 11 other homes and buildings were damaged, as were roads, crops and power infrastructure. Search operations are ongoing. INDECI is distributing relief items including food to the affected community.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: New clues why there are power outages and earth cracks

Outer gas giants
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
The extremes you are seeing across the globe signal the amplification beginning of a new magnetic field forming in the outer solar system as our Sun decreases its output in this new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Did you notice the Level up in lock down with a 1750 Pound quarantine tax for entering the UK. This effectively shuts down global travel if implements across other nations. Another fingerprint f the Grand Solar Minimum fulfilled marching toward 2024.

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Over 6,000 families displaced as flood hits Davao del Norte, Philippines

Flooding hit six villages in the Davao del Norte town of Sto. Tomas Sunday night leaving 6,067 families displaced from their homes.

In an interview Monday, Sto. Tomas Municipal Administrator Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña identified the six flood-stricken barangays as Barangay New Katipunan with 2,408 affected families, Barangay Kinamayan (1,575 families), Barangay San Miguel (1,131 families), Barangay San Jose (276 families), Barangay Tibal-og (565 families), and Barangay Salvacion (182 families).

"In barangay New Katipunan, the water level rise at 9 p.m. and by 11 p.m. floodwaters started to hit other barangays. The water came from Talaingod, Davao del Norte," Lapiña told the Philippine News Agency.

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Thousands of homes damaged after floods in the south of Mozambique

A low pressure system brought heavy rainfall to parts of southern Mozambique over the last few days, causing flooding in Maputo and Gaza Provinces.

Local media reported on 15 February that around 3,000 houses were flooded in Maputo Province. Around 1,200 of those are in Matola district. Parts of Maputo city were affected, along with Marracuene district where the Incomáti River broke its banks, and Boane District where the Umbeluzi River overflowed.

The country's disaster agency, Instituto Nacional de Gestão Redução do Risco de Desastres (INGD), issued warnings of heavy rain and flooding from 10 February.

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At least 9 dead, 10 missing after landslide triggered by torrential rains in Java, Indonesia

Twenty-one people were initially reported
Twenty-one people were initially reported missing, but three individuals were rescued after the disaster in a rural part of East Java
Torrential rains triggered a landslide on Indonesia's main island of Java, killing at least nine people and leaving 10 others missing, as emergency personnel digging with their bare hands and farm tools desperately sought to unearth more victims on Monday (Feb 15), officials said.

Twenty-one people were initially reported missing after the disaster struck Sunday evening in a rural part of East Java.

Hundreds of rescuers, including soldiers, police and volunteers, took part in the search for the missing in the village of Selopuro in East Java's Nganjuk district, said National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesperson Raditya Jati.

Indonesia's Search and Rescue Agency said it had found nine bodies, but was still searching for 10 others.

The other two people had been rescued.

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Over 30 fatalities reported after weeks of flooding in South Africa

The flood gates of the Vaal Dam near Johannesburg South Africa were opened on 11 February, 2021 after days of heavy rain.
© DWS South Africa
The flood gates of the Vaal Dam near Johannesburg South Africa were opened on 11 February, 2021 after days of heavy rain.
Flooding continues to affect parts of South Africa, with 10 fatalities reported in Limpopo province over the last few days.

Parts of the country were badly hit by flooding after heavy rainfall brought by Tropical Cyclone Eloise from around 23 January 2021.

Eloise has long since dissipated but heavy rainfall has continued to fall throughout the first weeks of February, causing further flooding and dam levels to rise. As of 11 February, authorities began releasing water from the Vaal Dam, situated about 75km south of Johannesburg.