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Thu, 27 Feb 2020
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Shallow earthquake of magnitude 6.4 strikes off Papua New Guinea

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck off Papua New Guinea on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, in an area frequently struck by quakes.

The quake struck 26 km (14 miles) north of Kandrian, in New Britain, at a depth of 33 km.

There were no immediate reports of damage.

Nearby Indonesia's Moluccas islands were hit by scores of aftershocks on Monday after an earthquake killed at least two people, prompting hundreds of people to flee their homes.

Source: Reuters


4.0 earthquake hits near Manhattan, Montana

Earthquake map
A 4.0-magnitude earthquake centered about two miles northwest of Manhattan shook the Gallatin Valley Saturday evening.

The United State Geological Services reported the quake happened at about 7:50 p.m., and that tremors could be felt within a 180-mile radius from the center.

"It rattled the dishes pretty good," said Marie Westphal, co-owner of Sir Scott's Oasis Steakhouse in Manhattan. "Nobody hurt, no damage or anything like that, but it was like, 'Holy cow, that was a pretty good jolt.'"

Westphal guessed that the quake lasted five to 10 seconds.


Shallow earthquake with 7.3 magnitude strikes in eastern Indonesia

map indonesia
A major 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit off the remote Maluku islands in eastern Indonesia on Sunday (July 14), sending panicked residents running into the streets, but no tsunami warning was issued.

The quake struck about 165kms south-south-west of the town of Ternate in North Maluku province at 6.28pm local time, at a depth of 10km, according to the US Geological Survey, Agence France-Presse reported.

"The earthquake was quite strong, sending residents to flee outside, they are panicking and many are now waiting on the roadside," local disaster mitigation official Mansur, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, told AFP.

Bizarro Earth

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes west of Broome in Western Australia

Broome Earthquake
© CC BY 2.0 / ray_explores / Seismograph, San Juan Bautista Mission
An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck west of the beach resort of Broome, Australia, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The epicentre of the quake was located in the Indian Ocean, about 209 kilometres southwest of Broome, or 1,294 kilometres southwest of Darwin.

There is no tsunami threat, according to the Australian Tsunami warning Centre.


Ice Age Farmer Report: Economic collapse 2020 - Cosmic "Perfect Storm" cause rising food prices

The continuing devastation to crops globally is causing food prices to rise, and ultimately will push the troubled global economy over the edge.

The powers that be plan for (and welcome) this, in order to lock people down and maximize the efficacy of their blood sacrifice.

Start growing food now.



Earthquake of 6.1 magnitude rocks Japan's south

map quake

An earthquake of 6.1 magnitude rocked Japan's southern Okinawa prefecture on Saturday, US Geological Survey reported.

The earthquake's epicenter lay in 350 km to the north of the prefecture's capital city Naha at the depth of 237 km.

No injuries or damages were reported, and no tsunami alert was issued.


Strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands today.

Preliminary Earthquake Report:

Magnitude 6.0

Date-Time - 11 Jul 2019 17:08:38 UTC

- 12 Jul 2019 04:08:38 near epicenter


The shaking won't stop: There have been more than 10,000 earthquakes in California and Nevada in the last 7 days

California earthquakes
The ground is constantly shaking in southern California right now, and this has many concerned that another large earthquake may be coming. I have been keeping my eye on Cal Tech's recent earthquake map, and as I write this article it says that there have been 10,053 earthquakes in California and Nevada over the past 7 days.

I have never seen that number so high, and southern California is being hit by yet another new earthquake every few moments. Most of the earthquakes are happening out in the Ridgecrest area where we witnessed the magnitude 6.4 earthquake that hit on July 4th and the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit on July 5th.

But as you can see from Cal Tech's map, there has been a tremendous amount of seismic activity along the San Andreas fault as well. As I discussed the other day, the San Andreas fault is "locked and loaded" and it is way overdue for "the Big One".

Could it be possible that all of this earthquake activity is leading up to something really big?

California earthquakes map
And it isn't just earthquakes that we need to be concerned about. According to Fox News, "geologists are nervously eyeing eight nearby volcanoes"...

Comment: See also:


5.9 magnitude earthquake hits southwest Iran, felt in Kuwait and Iraq

Iran earthquake
The Kuwaiti National Seismic Network said Monday that tremors were felt earlier in the country, which were caused by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit early morning West of Iran.

The tremors lasted for seconds and it was felt in various parts of the country according to KUNA. Adding that no casualties were reported on the ground.

Iran is located on major seismic faults and experiences one earthquake per day on average.

Blue Planet

Giant fissures appear near epicenters of California's major earthquakes

© David McNew/Reuters
A deep fissure discovered in the Mojave Desert near Ridgecrest, the epicenter of the M6.4 earthquake in Southern California on July 4, 2019. Picture by
There were multiple fissures that broke the ground in the Mojave Desert in southern California on Thursday and Friday after two major M6.4 and M7.1 earthquakes struck the area. The power of nature is amazing... And these deep fissures near Ridgecrest, California are just terrifying!

On the Fourth of July, people from Los Angeles to Las Vegas felt the ground shake. Books fell off library shelves, trees collapsed, and cracks spidered through building walls and highway asphalt.

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake was centered in the California city of Ridgecrest, about 175 miles northeast of Long Beach. It ended a five-year drought in California's seismic record: Before yesterday, the ground had not shook in the state since a magnitude 6 quake struck Napa in August 2014, causing $1 billion in damages.

Comment: See: Southern California hit by 7.1 magnitude earthquake just one day after M6.4 tremor - the largest for 20 years

Gaping sinkholes and massive fissures are occurring all over the planet: