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Sat, 03 Jun 2023
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Congress implies UFOs have non-human origins

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In Congress, where legislation is drafted, debated and enacted, clear and concise definitions are of paramount importance. As military aircrews increasingly encounter unidentified flying objects (UFOs), lawmakers recently made several striking revisions to the definition of "UFO." Key among them: The explosive implication that some UFOs have non-human origins.

As first reported by researcher Douglas Johnson, a draft bill approved unanimously by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence rebrands UFOs as "unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena." Expanding the definition to include objects in space and under the oceans significantly broadens the scope of a muscular new office tasked by Congress with investigating UFOs.

The revised definition of "UFO" also includes "transmedium" objects which, according to lawmakers, "transition between space and the atmosphere, or between the atmosphere and bodies of water."

In short, members of a key national security-focused committee believe that objects of unknown origin are demonstrating remarkably advanced technology by moving seamlessly between space, air and water. A report accompanying the legislation notes that "transmedium threats to United States national security are expanding exponentially."


'Best' UFO picture ever, the Calvine photo, found after 30 years missing

calvine ufo missing photo scotland
© Sheffield Hallam University/Craig Lindsay
The Calvine photo, taken in August 1990, had disappeared for 32 years before resurfacing. This photo is a copy of one of the original prints, kept by former RAF officer Craig Lindsay.
On August 4, 1990, two hikers near Calvine in Scotland took a photograph of a mysterious, diamond-shaped flying object hovering in the middle of the sky.

For 32 years that image, dubbed the "Calvine photo," disappeared from the public eye, becoming the object of speculation, theories and myths. But now, the groundbreaking image has finally resurfaced thanks to the efforts of British journalist David Clarke.

After 13 years of research, Clarke — who has worked as a curator for Britain's National Archives and is currently an associate professor at Sheffield Hallam University — found that former Royal Air Force (RAF) press officer Craig Lindsay had held on to a copy of the last remaining original print, waiting for someone to enquire about the mysterious image.

Comment: In 1994 UK's "most spectacular" UFO photo was taken down in Britain's Ministry of Defence office - never seen again


Richard Dolan: UFO behavior and abductions

Seeing a UFO is often a baffling experience. What are those objects doing? After so many years, researchers still have not thought very much about this problem. Here, Richard tries to provide realistic possibilities, which definitely include abductions as probably the most important part of it all.

Christmas Lights

Internet abuzz after mysterious red lights spotted in Atlantic ocean

Mysterious red glow
Photos posted on Reddit claiming to be a swath of red lights seen over the Atlantic has sparked a debate over just what, exactly, is going on.

"Mysterious red glow seen over the Atlantic, pilot says he's never seen anything like it," wrote redditor /mohiemen in the "Damnthatsinteresting" forum.

And of course, what good would pictures of mysterious red ocean lights be without apocalyptic replies?

Mysterious red glow comments 1
"If I'm not wrong, the first DOOM game was set in 2022, so this is it. There comes the demons. There is the end..." -/u/ChinuCODM
The jokes continued for a while...


DoD announces the establishment of the 'All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office'

pentagon press release
On July 15, 2022, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, in coordination with the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), amended her original direction to the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security by renaming and expanding the scope of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group (AOIMSG) to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), due to the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022, which included a provision to establish an office, in coordination with DNI, with responsibilities that were broader than those originally assigned to the AOIMSG.

Today, USD(I&S) Hon. Ronald S. Moultrie informed the department of the establishment of AARO within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and named Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, most recently the chief scientist at the Defense Intelligence Agency's Missile and Space Intelligence Center, as the director of AARO.


UFO whistleblowers would get immunity under new amendment

© DoD/AFP via Getty Images
This video grab image obtained April 28, 2020 courtesy of the US Department of Defense shows part of an unclassified video taken by Navy pilots that have circulated for years showing interactions with “unidentified aerial phenomena.”
The language would give government employees and contractors immunity from reprisal for coming forward about UFO encounters and programs.

In an effort to protect those with information about unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and increase the influx of reports about them, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wisc) has introduced an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

"The amendment would establish a process within the government for reporting UAPs and provide whistleblower-like protections," Gallagher's spokesman Jordan Dunn told The War Zone Thursday morning.

For a multitude of reasons, U.S. troops and government contractors have traditionally been reluctant to come forward with information about these incidents, regardless of their validity. Beyond that, there have also been long-standing allegations that the government and defense contractors could be hiding previous UFO-related programs and evidence. This would allow those with information to come forward without retribution.


Japanese UFO researchers report hundreds of encounters

ufo sighting
© YouTube / International UFO Research Institute
The privately-owned International UFO Institute, which was established in the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima in the summer of 2021, shared the results of its first year of operations on Saturday.

The institute is headed by Takeharu Mikami, the editor-in-chief of Mu magazine (which covers supernatural phenomena and occult mysteries), and operates in Fukushima's Iinomachi district.

The area has long been famous for UFO encounters around Senganmori mountain.

Mikami told journalists that his researchers have so far registered 452 UFO-like sightings over the past year - 125 of which are backed by photos, and 24 others by videos.

Grey Alien

China says it may have received signals from aliens

Scientists have yet to rule out human radio interference as the signals' source.

FAST Telescope
The signals were detected by the 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) located in southwest China's Guizhou Province.
China is claiming that its enormous "Sky Eye" telescope may have picked up trace signals from a distant alien civilization, according to a recently posted and subsequently deleted report by Chinese scientists.

Astronomers at Beijing Normal University have discovered "several cases of possible technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations from outside the Earth," according to a report published Tuesday (June 14) in Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of China's Ministry of Science and Technology.

The signals were picked up by China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), nicknamed "Sky Eye," which is the largest radio telescope in the world. Sky Eye was put to work scanning deep space for radio signals that could indicate extraterrestrial life in 2019; sifting through that data in 2020, the researchers said they spotted two suspicious narrow-band, potentially artificial radio signals. Then, in 2022, a targeted survey of known exoplanets found another strange narrow-band radio signal, bringing the tally up to three.


Why 21 severed human feet washed ashore in Canada

The weirdest thing about the 21 feet found near Vancouver since 2007? Foul play has been ruled out.

Map of Washed Ashore Feet
© British Columbia Coroners Service
Map of the places where some of the 20-odd feet were found that have washed ashore in the Salish Sea since 2007.
  • One foot washes up? That's hardly news. But another one? And another one?
  • In all, 21 feet have been found since 2007 on the shores of the Salish Sea.
  • Whodunit? Not aliens, the mafia, or a serial killer. In fact, nobody at all is to blame.
A foot washes up on a beach. Short item on the local news. Another foot washes up. Not the matching left foot, but another right foot. Suddenly, you have the makings of a headline-grabbing double murder mystery.

Make that a headline-grabbing mass murder mystery. Over the past decade and a half, 21 feet have washed up on the shores of the Salish Sea, the body of water that straddles the U.S.-Canada border on the Pacific coast. That's just one foot short of an entire soccer team.


NASA gets serious about UFOs

UFO image
© US Department of Defense
Unidentified Flying Object • April 28, 2020
NASA is officially joining the hunt for UFOs.

The space agency on Thursday announced a new study that will recruit leading scientists to examine unidentified aerial phenomena — a subject that has long fascinated the public and recently gained high-level attention from Congress.

The project will begin early this fall and last around nine months, focusing on identifying available data, how to gather more data in future, and how NASA can analyze the findings to try to move the needle on scientific understanding. "Over the decades, NASA has answered the call to tackle some of the most perplexing mysteries we know of, and this is no different," Daniel Evans, the NASA scientist responsible for coordinating the study, told reporters on a call.

While NASA probes and rovers scour the solar system for the fossils of ancient microbes, and its astronomers look for so-called "technosignatures" on distant planets for signs of intelligent civilizations, this is the first time the agency will investigate unexplained phenomena in Earth's skies.