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Former California cop arrested for raping prostitutes while in uniform

Police Officer
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A former police officer in Southern California was arrested Thursday for allegedly raping two prostitutes while he was in uniform or carrying his service gun, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"The charges in this case describe disgraceful abuses of police authority that simply cannot be tolerated in our society," United States Attorney André Birotte Jr. said in a statement.

Forty-six-year-old Jose Jesus Perez of Menifee, California was arrested without incident in Denton, Texas. A federal grand jury indicted Perez on four civil rights offenses, claiming the officer forced two women to have sex with him "while acting under the color of law."

Perez was hired as a Los Angeles Police Department officer in 1997. Eleven years later, he left the LAPD and joined the San Bernardino Police Department. Perez was "released from employment" in December, according to prosecutors.


Rep. Alan Grayson: U.S. public is overwhelmingly against war in Syria - it's not that Americans are 'weary' of war; they're DISGUSTED by it

Congressman Alan Grayson is leading efforts within Congress to prevent an attack on Syria. He explains why, points to huge popular agreement, says the votes are lining up, and that President Obama will not attack Syria if the House votes against it. Congressman Grayson has a petition set up here.

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Black Magic

Maldives vote-rigging row after 'black magic coconut' is found near polling booth

Voodoo Coconut
© The Independent, UK
As political dark arts go they don't come any darker than this.

A vote-rigging row has erupted in the Maldives ahead of Saturday's presidential election amid suspicions that one party is using cursed coconuts imbued with black magic spells to sway voters' political allegiances.

The claims came after a coconut, described as "young", was placed near a polling booth in an alleged bid to disrupt the upcoming elections.

The fruit had been inscribed with verse from the Koran and placed near the booth at a school on the remote Kaafu atoll - Guraidhoo, one of the islands that make up the Indian Ocean archipelago state.

Black magic is often used to prevent people from voting or influence them on the islands.

Following the discovery of the 'cursed' coconut police brought in a ruqyah practitioner (white magician) to examine the coconut.

Bizarro Earth

Man finds snake in Starbucks bathroom

Snake in Toilet
© WTVR.comSnakes in unexpected places can startle anyone. For Bruce Ahlswede the unexpected place was a San Antonio Starbucks bathroom, where he had stopped on Tuesday, September 3, 2013, after a business presentation.
Call it a "Grande" surprise.

Snakes in unexpected places can startle anyone.

For Bruce Ahlswede the unexpected place was a San Antonio Starbucks bathroom, where he had stopped on Tuesday after a business presentation.

He froze for a moment thinking the snake, lying across the toilet, was a toy left by a prankster.

Then it started to move. He backed out of the room and found a store employee.

"I said 'Hey you've got a snake in your bathroom and she's kind of freaking out,' " Ahlswede told CNN affiliate KSAT. Bruce, his wife and store employees all crowded into the bathroom and watched as the snake, perhaps just as surprised as the rest, slithered around the toilet bowl and disappeared, the station reported. Ahlswede's wife, Michele, managed to snap a photo.

She promptly posted it to Facebook.

"It had to have crawled up the pipes," Michele wrote on her page. "I have heard of it happening but have never seen it in person. Its a python guess he like coffee also."

Cardboard Box

Europe's scariest chart shows 1 in 4 young people unemployed

While near record low sovereign bond spreads and near record high equity prices have been taken as vindication by the European elites that all is well and 'we just need a little less fauxsterity' to be done with this crisis; the data, as it so often does, says the exact opposite. European unemployment just broke above 12% for the first time ever and European youth unemployment remains miserably above 24%. And while 1-in-4 under-25s unemployed is a bad enough statistic in terms of likely emergence of social unrest, the individual countries are in general deteriorating once again at a faster rate. French youth unemployment has risen for 13 months in a row to a record 26.5%; Spain (at 57.2% of under-25s unemployed) is catching up fast to Greece's stunning 59.1%; but perhaps the most concerning for the broader economies is the fact that Italy's youth unemployment has now topped that of Portugal at 38.4%. The only nation to see a drop in its youth unemployment was Ireland - which fell back modestly to January levels. Not a rosy picture, but then again, it doesn't matter...

eurozone unemployment


White Dallas man shoots 8-year-old black boy in the face for no reason at all

boy shot by white man texas
An 8-year-old African-American boy in Texas is struggling to recover after being shot in the face by a 46-year-old white man, but authorities have not been able to determine a motive.

Dallas police said that Donald Maiden Jr., who had just celebrated his 8th birthday on Sunday, was playing tag outside his apartment complex on Tuesday. According to his grandmother, Maiden ran inside to get some toys and was shot as came back outside.

Witnesses told police that 46-year-old Brian Cloninger had been seen waiving a handgun at people prior to the shooting, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Police reports said that Cloninger was seen standing beside his pickup truck as the boy was bleeding, and a witness asked him if he shot the boy.


More police brutality: Long Beach CA cops caught on tape beating and tasing helpless suspect

Police in Long Beach, California have opened an internal investigation about an incident involving a suspect who was tasered and brutally beaten by police even after he had been successfully subdued. According to the Los Angeles Times, 46-year-old Porfirio Santos-Lopez' teeth were knocked out, his right arm was broken, his left lung collapsed and both of his legs had gashes requiring stitches.

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-115,000: Number of Americans With Jobs Dropped in August

Jobless man
Although the national unemployment rate dropped from 7.4 percent to 7.3 percent in August, the number of Americans who actually held jobs during August dropped 115,000 from July.

The simultaneous decline in both the unemployment rate and the number of people with jobs was possible because the "labor force participation rate" dropped to 63.2 percent in August. That is the lowest it has been since August 1978.

The labor force participation rate is the percentage of adults 16 years or older who either had a job or actively sought one in the last four weeks.

The unemployment rate is the number of adults in the labor force (n.b. they had a job or were actively seeking one) who could not find a job.


Syrian-American woman rips into McCain at town hall meeting over his support for bombing Syria

At a Town Hall meeting a Syrian woman who lost a member of her family at the hands of the U.S. backed Syrian rebels that would benefit from a U.S. strike against Syria, one that AZ Senator John McCain supports, rips into him about spilling more Syrian blood.

Comment: McCain laughs when the woman mentions that the Assad government is secular, but that is a fact, just as Iraq and Libya were.

An example of who the US supports: War crimes: Militants kill Syrian soldiers execution style: Video


Young Navy veteran: "To my fellow sailors: Refuse your orders to attack Syria!"

military refuse syria
To my fellow sailors, shipmates and service members on active duty,

Many of you are now in the Mediterranean Sea near Syria to be used to carry out strikes against the country. 91 percent of the American public opposes these strikes. The Obama administration has failed to produce the "evidence" it says would justify them.

Do not be fooled into yet another war based on lies in the Middle East. The events that came to pass in Iraq and Afghanistan go to show that "defending freedom and democracy around the world," as the Sailor's Creed so wrongfully suggests is just a scheme to defend the interests of the rich at our expense. Syria - which is the only remaining country in the Arab World that is independent of Wall Street - is a huge prize for the oil and defense industries. But the billionaires who will profit don't send their own children. They send us.

What we learned from the Iraq war in particular is that the U.S. government will fabricate intelligence, lies to our faces, and create a false story about "protecting civilians" to cover-up their true motives.

Don't be a part of a war machine that kills innocent lives and separates entire families. Tomahawks and MK 45 rounds kill indiscriminately.

Do not be fooled into yet another endless watch, duty day, sleepless night and deployment in support of a corrupt system that constantly puts you in harm's way. I ask you, is it really worth it?