j.k. rowling
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Acclaimed writer J.K. Rowling has accused Scotland's "real feminist" First Minister of putting women in danger by pushing trans ideology.

Nicola Sturgeon, the left-separatist leader of Scotland's devolved government — roughly equivalent to a U.S. state government — is putting women across her country at risk by pushing policies in line with radical trans ideology, J.K. Rowling has alleged.

Known for being staunch advocates of hate speech laws, Sturgeon's government is now preparing to pass a law that would allow people aged 16 and over to change their legal gender without medical evidence, a move many concerned women fear will give biological men increased access to hitherto women-only spaces.

In an opinion piece published in The Times on Sunday, Rowling outlined these fears, accusing Sturgeon — who describes herself as being a "real feminist" — of "riding roughshod over the rights of women and girls" in her push for further transgenderism in Scotland.

"Soon... in Scotland, it may be easier to change the sex on your birth certificate than it is to change it on your passport," the author wrote in the article, accusing the First Minister of being "deaf to women's concerns over gender ID".

"In consequence, intact males" — i.e. transwomen with penises — "who are judged to have met the meagre requirements will be considered as 'valid' and entitled to protections as those who've had full sex reassignment surgery, and more male-bodied individuals will assert more strongly a right to be in women's spaces such as public bathrooms, changing rooms, rape support centres, domestic violence refuges, hospital wards and prison cells that were hitherto reserved for women," Rowling continued.

"Rarely in politics is it easy to draw a direct line from a single policy decision to the harm it's done, but in this case, it will be simple. If any woman or girl suffers voyeurism, sexual harassment, assault or rape in consequence of the Scottish government's lax new rules, the blame will rest squarely with those at Holyrood who ignored safeguarding experts and women's campaigners," she added.

Rowling also claimed in her piece that the committee in charge of the consultation process for the bill refused to meet in person with five female survivors of sexual abuse, despite supposedly having time to do so with 17 people described as being "trans-identified".

Under the leadership of Sturgeon's Scottish National Party (SNP), Scotland's government, as well as its deep state, has become increasingly more hardline in pushing a pro-transgenderism agenda.

For example, government workers in the country were told earlier this year that the very concept of biological sex was a "falsehood" created to "reinforce white supremacy" in state-sponsored training sessions earlier this year.

Such training sessions also attacked so-called "TERFs", or "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists", which in one presentation given state funding by the Scottish government were also described as being "FARTs", or "Feminism-Appropriating Ridiculous Transphobes".

Children have also been unable to escape the trans ideology push, with nurseries in the country being told they should avoid "sexist" male and female pronouns while teaching.

In particular, official Scottish guidelines for nurseries in part penned by a pro-transgenderism NGO instructs carers to "[u]se more inclusive pronouns" when teaching children, and to "[s]ubstitute sexist language for inclusive synonyms".

The guidelines pick out the terms "Mr Squirrel" and "man-made" as deserving to be memory holed, advocating for childcare workers to instead say "squirrel" and "manufactured" respectively.