marco polo hunter biden laptop
In what is being touted as "a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime," a former staffer from President Donald Trump's administration made more than 120,000 emails from Hunter Biden's infamous laptop public within a searchable database.

Garrett Ziegler, 26, worked in the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy under Director and Assistant to the President Peter Navarro. Using the nom de plume Marco Polo, the former aide reportedly created the site "to see justice delivered."

The Daily Mail, which had their own forensic analysis of Biden's laptop commissioned in 2021, reported that of the known 142,838, only 128,775 were posted to the database. It is unclear as to why 14,603 emails were left off of the site, but the aide made no claim that the database contained all of the laptop's contents.

"Here are 128k emails from the Biden Laptop, which is a modern Rosetta Stone of white and blue-collar crime under the patina of 'the Delaware Way,'" the site reads, referencing an expression of President Joe Biden. While some previously reported emails were left out, the "10 for the big guy" message alleging the former vice president's involvement in Hunter's business dealings can be found.

"Prior to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, a number of ancient languages were mere gibberish and hash marks. Similarly, the emails on the Biden Laptop illuminated previously convoluted webs of the people you see leading the charge for global governance; truly, the emails can be considered a translation tool for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering," the publisher contended, seemingly encouraging citizens to do their own research and draw their own conclusions on who the Bidens had been communicating with.

Most recently, it had been suggested that Hunter Biden may be looking to settle with the Justice Department as Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) questioned the ethics of the current tax fraud investigation pertaining to the president's son being conducted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Delaware.

Jack Maxey, a former podcast co-host with Steve Bannon, had originally provided a copy of Hunter's laptop to the Daily Mail, and he also referenced the concerns about properly exposing the alleged corruption documented within. Noting "450 gigabytes of deleted material" that contained 120,000 archived emails, he said he fled to Zurich, Switzerland as he feared for his life from the U.S. government.

"I do not believe this would have been possible inside the United States," Maxey said of the forensic examination. "We had numerous attempts on us from trying to do things like this there."

A disclaimer on the site accounts for similar concerns and reads, "Having seen the lengths that the FBI and other entities in the apparatus have gone to harass citizens who expose corruption... Marco polo testifies that the contents of the Biden Laptop were abandoned property."

"Furthermore, Marco Polo unequivocally disclaims any intention to cause any threat, intimidating action, or incitement of harm to any person," it stated before adding, "and we do not condone, encourage, intend, or have any knowledge that any other person will or may use the information herein for any unlawful purpose. Marco Polo's motive is to see justice delivered - to all criminals - by those whose responsibility it is to carry out that duty."

Native of Brooklyn, NY, Kevin Haggerty is a graduate of Hunter College where he studied Cultural Anthropology and Geography. An avid reader and truth seeker, he currently resides in Northeast PA with his fiancé and their dog and, when he isn't researching current events and their impacts, you'll find him spending time with friends and family or working on his next novel.