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Bad Nazis and... moderate Nazis?

This weekend, a teenaged lone gunman went on a shooting rampage in Buffalo, upstate New York, killing 10 Black people, ostensibly 'to save the White race'. Stamped all over his social media selfies are the same Nazi symbols stamped on the uniforms of Ukrainian Nazis currently enjoined in 'heroic' battle against Russian forces.

His methods, motivation and 'white supremacist manifesto', the media reports, were explicitly inspired by the Christchurch shooter in 2019, and the Norway terrorist in 2011. These whitey lunatics certainly share links, but those links aren't being explicated in the media.

Meanwhile, as incipient global famine is being blamed by Western leaders on their perennial scapegoat, Vladimir Putin, major food riots have gripped Sri Lanka, where the government's attempt to implement 'green farming' has caused spectacular crop failures.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall expose the wilful destruction of Great Game geopolitics, and the deadly Nazi embrace at the heart of the Western moral matrix.

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