tucker carlson justin trudeau
Fox News host Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves today to blast Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his continued vilification of the "Freedom Convoy" truck drivers protesting vaccine and mask mandates at the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

In a monologue segment of his nightly show, Carlson provided an overview of the ongoing protests, which are now entering their second week, and slammed Trudeau.

"An alternative border crossing in Alberta has already been shut down," said Carlson of one of the several border crossings currently blockaded by farmers and truck drivers.

"They thought about that already, Mayor Pete," he said, referring to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's efforts to unclog the border. "The Blue Water Bridge that connects Ontario to Lake Huron, Michigan has been reporting delays tonight of nearly five hours.

"Now there is an obvious way to fix this problem," continued Carlson, who then referred to the private owner of the bridge who suggested to the Canadian Prime Minister that the easiest way to fix the problem: "end the vaccine mandate."

Referring to Trudeau as "not terribly bright," Carlson said "end the vaccine mandates, and the bridge reopens."

"It's not hard," he continued. "But Justin Trudeau won't. And he's decided he doesn't have to because the truckers as he's explained have no legitimate complaint. They're racists, so we're not required to listen to them."

Carlson then showed a clip of Trudeau smearing the truck drivers in Parliament on Monday, in which he insinuated that they were white nationalists and said "that's not who Canadians are."

"Oh, so they're not even really Canadians. They're Nazis. So you don't have to hear anything they say. Maybe we'll intern them or expel them."