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As tensions flare between the US and Russia over Ukraine, an apparent 'revolution' has gripped another country neighboring Russia: Kazakhstan. Large protests broke out there last week over a gas price rise, and these were abruptly superseded by organized violence that threatened to topple the government, until the Russian military accepted its invitation to intervene.

That development - together with the arrest of a former prime minister of Kazakhstan (and current head of its intelligence agency) for treason - has apparently stabilized the situation, but as Joe and Niall explain in this NewsReal, the attempted coup d'etat underscores how dangerous the broader stand-off between the US and Russia has become.

The danger isn't just regional; it's global. The probability of nuclear war between the superpowers remains small, but the Western Consortium's determination to financially sanction Russia into poverty "if it invades Ukraine" presents the real threat: massive economic blowback that will push an already delicate macro-economic situation over the edge.

The global economy is teetering as a result of supply chain breakages, labor shortages, and energy price rises caused by governments' blinkered Covid policies. The Americans' latest push to throttle the Russian economy may spark a cascade of crises that lead to food and energy poverty for people everywhere. And they know it. But they don't care because, well... because "it's worth it."

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