Colin Powell
Eighteen years ago, the American public and countries that belonged in the "coalition of the willing" were duped into a war with Iraq that led to a genocide. At least 600,000 Iraqis perished over the span of a decade as innocent men, women and children were burnt at the altar of the military-financial complex based on a discredited theory that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction and was intent on unleashing them against the West.

The crimes against humanity that were committed against a nation that never attacked us would not have been possible had it not been for the ever obsequious mainstream media. Instead of pushing back against talking points and doing independent validation of the lies they were being sold by George Tenet and his ilk, the supposed "free-press" parroted Bush and Blair administrations' propaganda and crippled society with fears of mushroom clouds blanketing America, the UK and beyond.

The non-stop stories of chemical weapons being unleashed against the United States and the malicious alliterations of biological bombs unleashing hell from Tikrit to Topeka conditioned Americans to accept a war that was planned by Project for a New American Century four years before the Twin Towers fell. On the eve of the "Operation Iraqi Freedom", what was in reality Operation Iraqi Liquidation, an astounding 72% of Americans supported a war against Iraq. At one point, George Bush's approval rating was 90%, the highest approval ratings in the history of polls.

mission accomplished

When Bush said “mission accomplished” on May 1st, 2003, his approval rating was north of 60%, a few years later the majority of Americans saw him for the lying war criminal that he was

Not even ice cream and birthday cakes enjoy such astronomical popularity; which goes to show the mind-bending powers of media narratives.

While Americans and the rest of the world were being hoodwinked and gaslighted to endorse an invasion that would eventually lead to crimes against humanity in Iraq, dissenting voices were sounding the alarm and stating that Saddam no longer had WMDs. The UN weapons inspector Hans Blix headed a team that was tasked with verifying if Iraq actually possessed chemical, biological and/or nuclear armaments. In his report to the UN Security Council on February 14th, 2003 — a month before the invasion of Iraq was launched — he stated, "so far, UNMOVIC has not found any such weapons [of mass destruction], only a small number of empty chemical munitions".

Blix was immediately lambasted by warmongers in America, the UK and beyond and his reputation sullied because he had the decency to state the truth in the face of unyielding war propaganda. Blix was not the only one who was savaged for daring to push back against the establishment; Chris Hedges gave a speech at a college where he came out in opposition against the Iraq War. Not only did he get booed off the stage, within short order, he was drummed out of his job at the New York Times and banished to the gulag and banished from mainstream media. The Grey Lady had no need for a Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent, they were too busy echoing Bush administration and selling the Iraq War. After all, if it bleeds, it leads — there are fortunes to be made in carnage.

I cite the criminal conducts of Bush, Blair and their enablers in the press for a reason. The same actors who once fear-mongered about WMDs in Iraq are back at it again as they emotionally manipulate us in an effort to manufacture "vaccine" consent. This time around, they are denying the existence of WMDs which are the mRNA and adenovirus biological agents they are pumping into the arms of billions of people around the world. Just like the Iraq War, people who are sounding the alarm about these experimental "vaccines" are being vilified and marginalized in order to further an insane mass-"vaccination" campaign that could lead to a global genocide that will make the mass-killings that took place in Iraq look like child's play if what we have been warning about becomes reality.

Three days ago, after I wrote about how a group of doctors with Yetena Weg were dangerously advising people to get jabbed without giving them the full picture of the risks involved with the "vaccines". I was promptly suspended by Twitter for making factual statements about these unsafe and ineffective boosters that were based on research. One of the founders of Yetene Weg by the name of Dr. Fitsum Tilahun took to Twitter to advocate for my silencing because I had the audacity to question his "vaccine" propaganda. That type of dangerous rhetoric was perfectly acceptable during the heyday of the TPLF junta in Ethiopia, a terrorist group he supports, but it has no place in America.

Instead of responding in kind, I asked him nine questions about the safety and efficacy of the boosters he is promoting. Dr. Tilahun promptly blocked me and went back to advising men, women and children to get injected with snake oils that are causing harm and deaths to thousands of people. This imperious disposition and cavalier disregard of concerns that people have about these "vaccines" is commonplace among doctors who are promoting them. Another group of doctors called "Evidence Base" hosted a room on Clubhouse where they said that people who question the "vaccines" are exhibiting cult-like tendencies who need an intervention.

Four years after the Iraq War was initiated, dissenters in Wall Street were warning about Credit Default Swaps and how banks were repackaging toxic mortgages. Some regulators who were not in cahoots with Wall Street were telling their higher-ups about CDS and how toxic debt could cripple the global economy. To our demise, their admonitions fell on deaf ears. In 2008, what they feared became reality as the markets imploded and wiped away the life savings of tens of millions of Americans and billions of people around the world. Demonizing dissenters is a tried and true playbook of fascists which eventually leads to blowbacks that unleash massive human suffering.

Of course, this is nothing new; Galileo and Copernicus were persecuted for going against the "settled science" that earth was the center of the universe. Every generation, people who refuse to blindly follow authority and instead question the status quo are demonized, ostracized and in some cases killed. I'm pretty sure that the first person who invented the wheel was labeled a "conspiracy theorist" because he came up with a more effective way of transporting rocks. Think of where humanity would be at this moment if it was not for dissenters who had the courage to ask "why" while everyone else was complying with "conventional wisdom".

I write this article for all dissenters who are being berated, excommunicated by their friends and family and censored for seeking truth instead of acting like Jim Jones's adherents. You are right to be inquisitive instead of "trusting the science"; science is not supposed to be trusted, it demands continuous inspection. We were once bashed for stating that Covid-19 was man-made, that children should not get jabbed and that the "vaccines" were far from safe. Just like Hans Blix and Chris Hedges were eventually vindicated, we too are being exonerated as more information surfaces about the origins of this the Coronavirus and as horrific news keeps dripping out about people who have been "vaccinated" dying by the droves.

As egregious as the propaganda and callous disregard for human life as the Iraq War and the "Great Recession" of 2008 were, they pale in comparison to the social conditioning we are witnessing before our eyes. I interviewed Dr. Brian Tyson, a Covid-19 early treatment pioneer in California in the video below, we discussed in detail how the criminal negligence and wanton indifference that is on display by some in the medical field rivals the mendacity of the doctors who were hanged at Nuremberg Trials. Instead of tending to the health and wellness of their patients, some doctors who are aligned with Bill and Melinda Gates and have hidden financial conflicts are placing priority on safeguarding these gene therapy cocktails.

I don't know when we are going to stop listening to millionaire politicians and media personalities who are on the dole of billionaires. They are being paid handsomely by the global plutocracy not to protect our interests but to ground us into dust. There are many who dismiss the idea that there might be something afoot behind these "vaccines" beyond public health even though Bill Gates stated in a TedTalk he gave in 2010:
"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent." [4:30 mark of the video below]
The idea that the billionaire class are scheming to reduce the global population is dismissed as a conspiracy theory by many, but the fact is that the debased (I refuse to call them elites) have been culling humanity through planned poverty, never ending wars and unaffordable health care for centuries. Just like the Titanic's crew were ordered to lock the second and third class passengers in place to let them drown below deck, there are globalist aristocrats who desire to smother humanity so they can remake this world in their image.

There are many people who fall prey to the malicious propaganda of the establishment as they unquestioningly follow authority and repeat the malicious ad hominem that are weaponized against people who question the intentions of Big Pharma. Instead of putting the burden of proof on biotech corporations like Pfizer, that was levied one of the largest fine in human history in 2009 for medical fraud, they libel us for doubting their dubious talking points. To which I ask this one question: what if we are right? The worst that will happen if we are wrong is dealing with the status quo of a virus that has a mortality rate of 0.66%, but if we are correct in our assessments about these "vaccines", I shudder at the thought of the implications.

I hope, for the sake of humanity, that I am eventually proven wrong about the worst-case scenario that I fear about these "vaccines". Being proven right about the emergence of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement — a condition that wiped out the lab animals that were injected with mRNA "vaccines" in past studies — would not be vindication but a source of my greatest depression. I have family members who got jabbed; I pray for them daily and for the rest of humanity. We listened to warmongers once and that led to a genocide in Iraq, I hope for all our sakes that heeding Covid-19 fearmongers will not lead to a global holocaust.

"It's so easy for propaganda to work, and dissent to be mocked." ~ Harold Pinter
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