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US President Joe Biden and the press
Marietta, GA • April 29, 2021
President Biden is continuing his atrocious messaging on vaccines. In a Today Show interview, the fully vaccinated Biden claimed that he would continue to wear a mask near people — even outside in case somebody came up near him — because it's his "patriotic responsibility."

This has absolutely no basis in science.

Vaccines are highly effective and studies have suggested that they not only prevent infection, but transmission. Outdoor transmission is also extremely low risk. There is no reason to believe a vaccinated person cannot be near another vaccinated person indoors, let alone, near another person outdoors.

Even Biden's own CDC, which I argued was overly cautious, said that the only situations in which vaccinated people should continue to wear masks outdoors is at crowded events.

Biden, at the start of his administration, said he was asking Americans to wear masks for 100 days. He is now saying that it is a "patriotic responsibility" for Americans to wear masks indefinitely, whether or not they are vaccinated.

We're entering a stage in which vaccine demand is a bigger concern than supply. The best way of convincing hesitant Americans to get vaccinated is to demonstrate that once vaccinated, they can live their normal lives. By communicating that being vaccinated makes no difference in anybody's ability to go back to normal, Biden is acting recklessly.