The old cemetery at Camogli

The old cemetery at Camogli near Genoa fell into the sea on February 22, 2021
Erosion, erosion, please tell me when the next cemetery will collapse into the sea!
The old cemetery at Camogli near Genoa, Italy collapsed into the sea on February 22, 2021, with at least 200 coffins now drifting in the Golfo Paradiso.

Cemetery collapse

Now about 200 coffins are drifting in the sea.
The apocalyptic scenery was captured on video. It clearly shows the macabre moment when the front part of the old cemetery with its seven-story urn wall and four family chapels fell into the sea. OMG!

Luckily, there weren't any visitors in the cemetery when the collapse occurred as it is closed on Mondays.
Cemetery collapse

The front part of the 150-year-old cemetery of Camogli slid with its seven-story urn wall and four family chapels into the sea.
About 200 coffins slid into the water. Gravestones and urns also piled up in the rubble and mud.
Cemetery collapse

200 coffins in the Golfo Paradiso after cemetery collapses in Italy
Although spectacular, it wasn't too wise to build this 150-year-old cemetery on a cliff overlooking the sea - even if it was thought to be the final resting place of seafarers, shipbuilders and fishermen... Just because of erosion (rain, wind and waves).

The earth had been eroding under the tombs for a long time. In recent years storm surges have often lashed against the rocks in a way that had not been seen here before. Such an event is unpredictable said many Italian officials... LOL!

Meanwhile, many coffins have been washing up into the pretty harbor town, and officials have been piling them up on the pier. What a nice view! The same stuff happened in France and Italy again after apocalyptic floods last October.