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UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has signalled that vaccine passports may be required for international travel in the future, while insisting that there are still no plans to roll out similar ID for domestic purposes.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday, Shapps said that he has been consulting with his counterparts in Singapore and the United States, as well as a major aviation lobbying group, about the implementation of a globally recognised certification system to verify Covid-19 vaccinations status and test results.

Comment: No consultation of the British public who will be subjected to these decrees has or is likely to go ahead. Even if it violates their human right to freedom of movement.

"I imagine that in the future there will be an international system where countries will want to know that you have been potentially vaccinated or potentially had tests taken before flying," the transportation secretary told the BBC.

He acknowledged that there was confusion about the initiative because the UK government has repeatedly denied that it was planning "domestic passports," which he said were "not on the cards."

Comment: The UK government also claimed the lockdown was '3 weeks to flatten the curve'.

Shapps also warmed Britons against booking summer holidays, saying it is currently "illegal" to engage in non-essential travel and that it's still unclear what kind of restrictions will be in place in the coming months. He claimed that resuming normal travel and tourism will require "everybody having their vaccinations," adding that an "international unlock" would only be possible once other countries step up their vaccination programs.

Comment: The government first said only the vulnerable groups needed to be vaccinated, now they want everybody to be vaccinated, meanwhile they're also saying that new variants mean that the current vaccines may not work.

The government have also hinted that events attended by large numbers of people - one can suspect that will include protests - will be forbidden for years to come.

Note that some legal professionals are challenging this current 'guidance' being enforced as law. The following exchange between a barrister and a UK police force is a good example:

The police deleted the Tweet in question but the barrister preserved it for posterity:

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), a major airline lobbying group, revealed on Tuesday that it was in talks with the UK government about its 'Travel Pass' initiative, a mobile app that provides proof of vaccination and Covid-19 status and is currently being trialled by Etihad, Emirates, and Singapore airlines. Around 20 airlines will be testing the IATA app starting in March.

Downing Street has said on multiple occasions that it is not considering identification that shows proof of vaccination. Last month, Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi said there were "absolutely no plans" for vaccine passports, amid growing concerns that Covid-related ID would be required to gain entry to restaurants, businesses and other establishments. He also said that making the vaccine mandatory was "discriminatory and completely wrong."

Comment: They may not make the experimental vaccines mandatory, but they may make life impossible without them.

The concept of a vaccine passport has been a hot button issue in the UK and elsewhere as nations grapple with how to safely reopen their borders. A petition calling for the UK government to reject the idea of issuing Covid-19 passports for international travel has garnered nearly 77,000 signatures at the time of writing. However, figures like former Prime Minister Tony Blair have argued that the proposed ID is "inevitable" and that the UK should use its role as president of the G7 to ensure that a globally recognised form of identification is adopted.