mark rutte halbe zijlstra netherlands
Mark Rutte (right), former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, defending ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Halbe Zijlstra (left) who lied about his visit to the dacha of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The reason Mark Rutte had to step down is the big scandal about the children's allowance affair. The entire team of ministers stepped down after exposing the affair. For years, thousands of parents were incorrectly classified by the Dutch tax authorities as fraudsters. They received child benefits, but according to the department of Social Affairs, they were not entitled to them but actually they were! So, often they had to repay thousands of euros, and some of them lost their houses, their children, and their lives. But this was not the only crime of this government, or therefore the one that Prime Minister Mark Rutte committed. He already had to step down when it was known that he and his government supported terrorists in Syria, or the MH-17 cover-up and the criminal acts done by his party members. These include corruption and fraud, as well as Minister of Foreign of Affairs Halbe Zijlstra lying about his visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which never took place.

The Syrian Case

The biggest crimes have happened in Syria, where terrorists were trained and funded by Western countries like the Netherlands. One part of the funding was for the so-called relief organization "the White Helmets". Their head office was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.I wrote many articles in Dutch about this group, which is and was part of Al-Qaeda and Jahbat al- Nusra and later emerged with ISIS (Daesh)! But this was not the only group which was funded. Also, Jabhat al-Shamiya, another terrorist group, which was part of Ahrar-as-Sham, is still terrorizing parts of Idlib in Northern Syria. Among Ahrar-as-Sham is the Nour al-Din al-Zenki terrorist group. During the Aleppo offensive, a video emerged on 19 July 2016of al-Zenki fighters recording themselves taunting and later beheading a Palestinian boy named Abdullah Tayseer al-Issa. From 2015, the Netherlands secretly supplied the Islamist movement with uniforms and pick-up trucks, salaries, and other things. The payment to the White Helmets went on until December 2019 and was about €188.636 million in taxpayer funds paid to them only in 2019. The Netherlands sent the logistics equipment to these terrorist groups as part of the state secret 'NLA' program, which stands for 'Non Lethal Assistance', a programme that turned lethal. Via this program, the Netherlands supplied so-called 'non-lethal goods' to twenty-two terrorist groups in Syria from 2015 to 2019. Dutch opposition political parties asked for a debate, but Mark Rutte didn't want to speak about it. He called it a state secret, otherwise it would hurt the Dutch alliance partners-in-crime- - meaning the deep state of the US, which started this war against the sovereign Syrian Republic that caused hundreds of thousands of dead, wounded, and refugees. This case is a violation against International Law, conducting war on a sovereign country.

Sigrid Kaag netherlands OPCW
© Agence France-PresseSigrid Kaag, leader of the Netherlands coalition party D'66.
Also, the Netherlands is the home base for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in the Hague, a controversial organization previously headed by Sigrid Kaag, leader of the coalition party D'66. She led the Chemical Fact finding mission for the OPCW in 2013 and 2014 in Syria and called President Assad a mass murderer. She is also no supporter of Hezbollah, as turned out during an interview. She is the former Minister of Foreign Trade and Development under the Rutte government.

The Halbe Zijlstra Case - Minister of Foreign Affairs

In February 2018, it became very clear that yet another one of Rutte's minister's from the ruling VVD party lied, this time it was Halbe Zeilstra. He declared that he had lied about a meeting with President Putin in 2006 in his dacha (holiday house). Listen here to what FM Halbe Zijlstra said during a speech in 2016.

Zijlstra's accusation was not just a lie based on "error." His shameful public distortion of the facts has contributed directly to the serious deterioration in geopolitical relations. It could even be argued that such remarks are an incitement to war, which is a crime according to the Nuremberg Principles and International Law. Halbe Zijlstra had to resign and now has a well-paid job as a strategic director at a building company called Wessel-Volker-Stevin, a company which is famous for (building) fraud.

An investigation by a Dutch television program has shown that Zijlstra held talks at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management when he became director. He also emailed, texted, and telephoned top civil servants and exerted pressure on them when deciding to dump a controversial 750,000 tons of granulite in the Gelderland province's natural lake 'Over de Maas'. Among other things, Zijlstra exerted pressure on the official organization not to investigate possible banned substances. Zijlstra refused to speak to the journalists of the TV program, but indicated that he only brought people into contact with each other and never put anyone under pressure. In December 2020 it was announced that the Journalism Council found the reporting of the broadcast careless and no evidence was shown.

The MH-17 Case - Still Pending

On July 17, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was blown out of the sky while flying over Eastern Ukraine. It was on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All 283 passengers (mainly Dutch) and 15 crew members on board were killed. It was immediately claimed that Russia was responsible, something that Russia vehemently denies. Until now, the Dutch court is refusing to hear the witnesses from Ukraine who were close to where the accident happened. The court calls it a scam. For more information, you can read the story here.

The Ukraine Scandal

In 2014, the deep state, in cooperation with the EU, conducted a coup d'etat in Ukraine. They supported the Neo-Nazis as it turned out. I was twice in Odessa and have seen the evidence of Neo-Nazis in power. A member of the Dutch VVD (Mark Rutte's party) called Hans van Baalen was present, together with Senator John McCain (deep state, US, +) and Victoria Nuland, shouting on the Maidan (Square) in Kiev for democracy. The only democracy it brought was the democracy for the rich and the closing of the largest chicken farm in the Netherlands, which was taken over by a company in Ukraine subsidised by the European Union (EU). Van Baalen was a member of the European Parliament's monitoring mission during the Ukrainian parliamentary elections in 2014.With regard to the conflict with Russia over Ukraine, he argued for higher military spending, NATO involvement, and improved prospects for Ukraine to join the EU if its population so decided. Van Baalen is now blacklisted in Russia.

These are some of the cases, the most important ones, but there are many more.This article would become too long if all the fraud they conducted in and outside the Netherlands was listed. The above-mentioned cases should be enough for political trials based on the Nuremberg Principles and International Law.
Sonja van den Ende is an independent journalist