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Alexey Navalny
U.S. cops murder one black man after another. Then George Floyd is asphyxiated, pinned to the ground with a cop's knee on his neck. Riots erupt. Meanwhile, publisher Julian Assange has been in jail for a year for revealing U.S. war crimes.

But the western world frets over Alexei Navalny in Russia?

Alexei Navalny is seen as all important to western elites as he is their only chip in their regime change war with Russia. Therefore the coverage is suddenly wall to wall. Just as it was wall to wall regarding the non-existent Uyghur genocide, just as it was with Syria's non-existent chemical attack in Douma, just as it was with Libya's imminent slaughter of rebels on their way to Benghazi. Just as non-existent babies were grabbed out of incubators and had their non-existent heads bashed onto hospital floors in Iraq. Just as non-existent weapons of mass destruction could be ready in 45 minutes to fire at non-existent targets. Just as the non-existent crimes reported by the infamous White Helmets. Just as. Just as. Just as.

We see the same ploy repeated endlessly. Bullshit spread thickly across every possible state or corporate asset by the prostitute press and media of the USA, UK and the lesser creatures of western influence in Europe. And so many seem ever enthusiastic to lap it up as if it's manna from heaven.

Time and time again the same kind of gullibility is seen... no matter how often the bleating sheep get fleeced they always come brainlessly back for more. The appetite for lies seems endless across the barren wastes of western public opinion in general.

Navalny is simply the latest example of the West's desperation to create trouble in Russia.

Imagine if Russia involved itself in Black Lives Matter to the same extent, calling for justice for George Floyd. Taking the USA to task at the United Nations along with China and others, seeking sanctions, using any power it has to halt pipelines and generally interfering to the maximum possible.

What an uproar would erupt across every smug, designer-suited official and politician at every level of the western elite edifice.

Navalny is being dealt with according to the procedures of Russian law administered by the officials designated to look after his case of embezzlement. He is a minuscule figure in the great sweep of Russian life, a creepy individual who has a following of young malcontents selfishly hoping for some freedom to act even more selfishly at the expense of others.
navalny protest arrest moscow
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Russians protest the jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on January 23, 2021, in Moscow, Russia.
Most of these specimens of total self-interest have grown up in a Russia that owes its very existence to the man they love to hate, Vladimir Putin. Most of them will have few if any memory of the desperate Yeltsin years when Russia was rapidly disappearing down the drain with a basket case economy, crime round every corner, with the mafia taking control and life expectancy dropping like a stone.

Vladimir Putin almost single-handedly turned Russia round step by step. There was no one else around with the smarts to do it, no one with Putin's resolve and dedication to the Russian people above all else. In spite of the elites of the West constantly bad-mouthing him with accusations without merit, without a trace of hard evidence, he persevered, stuck to the task in hand and succeeded magnificently.

What did Alexei Navalny do exactly? He carped and complained and became his own publicist via illegal gatherings designed to cause trouble and make a name for himself. He is a creepy provocateur and nothing more. Except that to the West he is a way to help cause trouble in Russia and the more trouble the better.

A virtual nonentity except to deluded, hugely ignorant and irresponsible teens and twenties who have always revolted against the status quo but when asked have no true and reasoned concept of what they want to replace it with. I know, I have been to Russia many times and I have spoken to these people and asked them what they want to replace the Russia as it stands. They don't have a clue. They just want some amorphous "change". Asking change to 'what' comes up blank. As blank as Alexei Navalny's non-existent portfolio of "brilliant ideas".

Such people as Navalny and his horde of spitting and spiteful, wet-behind-the-ears followers have nothing to offer except provocations, a lot of raucous noise and not even a suggestion of an idea beyond creating as much anarchy and mischief as possible.

Illegal demonstrations designed to create public mayhem will never be tolerated in Russia in exactly the same way they will not be tolerated anywhere in the West. But from the western elite perspective Russia is always different and held to an entirely different standard. Use torture, invade nations, kill hundreds of thousands based on lies... lock Julian Assange away, punish Chelsea Manning to the absolute limit and exile Edward Snowden... but that's all okay, it's big bad old Russia that's the problem.

This is the totally skewed mentality of western elites, ever saintly assassins and jailers who point fingers anywhere but at themselves. As they sit on the same rancid dunghill as their agent, Alexei Navalny.