Olympia protest
© Twitter Video Screenshot/Independent Media PDX
Olympia protest near Washington State Capitol
Multiple reports say at least one shot was fired after fights broke out in a clash between a patriots group and Antifa near the Washington State Capitol in Olympia. The clashes occurred during the 2nd weekend in a row of violent protests.

During an altercation between a patriot group and Antifa, a shot was fired, according to a video tweeted by journalist Shauna Sowersby. She reports the shot was "fired by one proud boy" and the round struck a "counterprotester."

Independent Media PDX also reports the shooting and tweeted a video showing a man they claim fired the shot.

One Antifa "militant" is reported to be down, Independent Media PDX tweeted. It is not clear from the videos who actually fired the shot. Sowersby reported that Olympia police secured the area and found one spent shell casing, a live round and "some sort of IED."

Fights quickly broke out between the groups.

Photographer Shane B. Murphy tweeted a video showing Antifa harassing the patriots and throwing rocks at their jeeps.

The conflicts began as conservatives and counterprotesters faced off in front of the capitol, Seattle Collegin journalist and editor Alexa Villatoro tweeted: Cops, MAGA supporters, and BLM here facing off in front of the capitol here in Olympia. Police threw a flash bang in between protest groups right after.

A short time later, police took one man into custody for allegedly pointing a loaded firearm at counter-protesters.

Last weekend, these two groups clashed again outside the state's capitol as the patriot group protests against COVID-19 lockdowns, Breitbart News reported. At least one person was grazed in a shooting incident during multiple fights.
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