mossad commander
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According to unconfirmed reports, the killing of a man who was reportedly identified as a 45-year-old Israeli and a senior Mossad official, occurred in the Israeli capital city of Tel Aviv on Thursday evening.

The video allegedly showing the moment of the killing of a man described in Iranian media as a senior Mossad official named Fahmi Hinavi, went viral as netizens speculate that the reported assassination might have been Tehran's retaliation for the murder of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

According to the unconfirmed report by Iranian state-controlled Press TV, the deceased is said to be a Mossad officer, shot in Tel Aviv after 15 bullets were fired at a car he was driving when he stopped at a red light.

The attackers reportedly quickly dispersed without a trace.

Several videos circulating in social media show a car stopped in the middle of the road and a heavy law enforcement presence. It is not possible, however, to clearly determine whether the video shows the exact moment of the alleged killing.

​Photos that were allegedly made on the scene were shared online, showing a car door with multiple bullet holes, with users claiming that it depicted the vehicle in which the alleged murder of Hinavi occurred.

​​According to Iranian media, some reports claimed that the deceased person was the victim of a family quarrel.

No official comment from Tel Aviv has followed the reports, and no information about the Mossad officer-involved shooting has appeared in Israeli media.

Reports on the alleged killing of Hinavi, along with social media user speculation suggesting an Iranian retaliation, come shortly after the leading Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assassinated in a Tehran suburb last week, with Iran describing the killing as a "terror attack" and blaming Israel for the scientist's murder.

Hezbollah drones reportedly entered Israeli airspace

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Israel and Hezbollah do not enjoy warm relations, as the Jewish state, along with over 20 countries and international alliances, considers the group to be a terrorist organisation. Hezbollah does not recognize Israel as an independent country.

Hezbollah drones entered Israeli airspace despite measures taken by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and captured images of various IDF military assets, the Mehr news agency reported, citing a documentary broadcast by the Al-Manar TV channel, "Secrets of Second Liberation".

At the time of the border breach, the Israeli army was reportedly "on alert as it was reported to be conducting drills". According to The Jerusalem Post, the video was taken in late October, as the IDF carried out a large-scale military exercise, dubbed "Lethal Arrow" that was reportedly simulating a war with Hezbollah.

The footage shared in the report allegedly showed "Zionist military command sites in the occupied Galilee and Shebaa Farms, called Brannite and Rowaysat Al-Alam respectively".

​Earlier in the week, the Lebanese army press service said that Israeli military aircraft had violated the country's airspace, noting that "intensive flights at medium altitude" were carried out by Israeli fighter aircraft over Kesrouane, Beirut, and in the Bint Jbeil area.

Israel considers the Lebanese paramilitary political group Hezbollah a terrorist organisation. Hezbollah does not recognize Israel as a sovereign state and aims to end what it describes as the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon.