dog attack
Consternation Thursday afternoon near the Bolloheide nature reserve in Tremelo. The 83-year-old Frans R. who was looking for his escaped dog, a cane corso, was found lifeless.

It was a hiker who found the lifeless body of the eighties in the woods in the early afternoon. According to the public prosecutor's office, there is no malicious action involved. "An autopsy on Friday will have to clarify the exact cause of death," says press magistrate Sarah Callewaert of the Leuven public prosecutor's office. "But no crime has been committed in this." The law doctor, the judicial lab and the local criminal investigation department investigated the nature reserve on the border of Tremelo and Grootlo (Heist-op-den-Berg).

Syringe for dog

Because the exact cause of the man's death is not clear, another autopsy will be performed on the body on Friday. According to the public prosecutor, the eighties was just before his death looking for the animal in the nature reserve that is a popular destination for hikers. Presumably the man was attacked by his dog.

In the course of the evening, the owners of animal shelter De Zorghoeve in Kortenaken were called by the public prosecutor to come and collect the dog. "We are currently taking the animal to our contract veterinarian in Bekkevoort," say Iris and Marc Dekeyser from De Zorghoeve. "There he will be put to sleep. It is the very first time that we have had to do something like this in such circumstances. It's not fun, but it's our duty. " The couple picked up the dog from the victim's son who lives near the forest.