Terry Crews
© Reuters / Danny Moloshok
Terry Crews poses at a premiere for the Netflix original film "Sandy Wexler" in Los Angeles, California, April 6, 2017
Actor Terry Crews has faced fury for pleading with the Black Lives Matter movement "not to morph into black lives better." Twitter quickly found the post, literally urging love "for every race, creed and ideology," problematic.

The star of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' tweeted on Tuesday that he considers every "child of God" his "brother and sister," regardless of their race, religion or ideology. "We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn't morph into #blacklivesbetter," the African-American star added.

Crews' call for BLM activists not to weigh black people's wellbeing over everybody else's gathered very mixed responses on social media.

It certainly did not sit well with the woke and pro-protester brigade, who saw it as a frivolous rejection of the existing racial "gaps in income, education and technology." Crews was even chided for "living in an imaginary world where no one sees color."

Some even took the view that Crews is now 'culturally white' for having posted the tweet.

Others, meanwhile, welcomed the actor for actually "stating what should be common sense."

It's unclear what specifically prompted Crews' tweet and whether he was referring to any particular actions by the BLM movement. The widespread anti-racism protests have resulted in many monuments being defaced or illegally torn down, as well as amplifying calls to defund the police, and leading to a spate of commentators being deplatformed for not being politically correct.

The BLM tweet is not the first time Crews has sparked a furore online. Last year, the actor was accused of homophobia after tweeting that children without "maternal AND paternal love" were "severely malnourished."