What If Conspiracy Theory Is True?
"Conspiracy theory", what does the term mean? For most people it means a stupid belief based upon paranoia, imagination and a refusal to accept evident facts. This is perfectly understandable because that is precisely how the term is used by the State, the mainstream media (MSM), large swathes of academia, many in the scientific, business and financial communities, the legal profession, politicians and numerous "personalities."

For want of a better expression, let's call this nexus between the institutions of the State and representatives of the orthodox view the Establishment. If you only get your information from Establishment sources it is difficult to see how you could possibly think conspiracy theory meant anything other than a form of lunacy. Quite clearly, according to the Establishment, conspiracy theory is crazy.

More recently, the Establishment has suggested a belief in conspiracy theory is a dangerous, even extremist ideology. It is self evident that the term has a very strong, pejorative connotation.

If the Establishment label someone a conspiracy theorist this implies you should not listen to them. You should automatically reject everything they say. Not because you know what evidence their opinions are based upon, but because they have been labelled as a conspiracy theorist, and that's good enough.
Completely loopy
Completely loopy
Does anyone reading this doubt it? What do you think when the Establishment tells you an interpretation of historical events, an opinion or narrative is a conspiracy theory? If you are told someone is a conspiracy theorist what judgments do you make? Doesn't that immediately invalidate any evidence these ne're-do-wells offer? Doesn't the term conspiracy theory mean "not true?"

Yet, what if the Establishment is deceiving you? What if, instead of being baseless gibberish, many so called conspiracy theories are built upon verifiable, substantiating evidence? Is it worth looking at this evidence or do you trust the Establishment enough to accept what they tell you, and automatically ignore it? That is, after all, what the Establishment suggests.

I've offered links to some of this extensive evidence on In This Together and I hope some of you will find it a useful start for your own research. Please take a look around. However I'm not covering that evidence in this post.

In very general terms lets look at these opposing views of the world, from the western perspective. I don't claim to speak for anyone else and I represent no one but myself. I'm sure many will find much to disagree with here. However, I hope some basic truths seep through.

The Establishment World View

The vast majority of people believe we live in open and free societies. Based upon the concepts of representative democracy, freedom of speech and expression. These are core values which the State seeks to protect.

We get to chose the people who make the decisions. They are accountable to us, the people, and we can get rid of them if they don't make the right decisions. The people we elect serve us. They strive to make the best decisions possible, given the circumstances, broadly for the benefit of the people. The system isn't perfect, some minor corruption is an inevitable consequence of human nature, but in general it is the best system devised and one worth defending.

Democracy rocks
Democracy rocks
We predominantly believe both in the free market of ideas and the free exchange of goods and services. Capitalism has served us reasonably well to this point but the true strength of a society is measured by the way it cares for its weakest members. So some welfare protections are also necessary and this is best administered by our democratically elected representatives. This is why we empower them to make decisions.

There are important global issues that we must work together to address. Climate change, terrorism, economic inequality, human trafficking, child exploitation and military conflict are prominent among these global concerns. Therefore, the solutions must also be global. Radical measures are required at a global, national and local level if we are to address these deep rooted, potentially cataclysmic problems. We all need to accept that fundamental social, cultural, political and economic change is required if we hope to build a better future for our children.

Some states, more conscientious global corporations, wealthy philanthropists and independent non governmental organisations (NGO's) are working together to help us build a better world. They do this because they care about these crucial issues. It isn't all altruism, but they genuinely want humanity to thrive in peace, prosperity and security because, looking at it dispassionately, that's good for business and the alternatives are pretty bleak for everybody. Those who do not meet these challenges may need to be encouraged to act responsibly.

The world is a dangerous place and there are many "bad actors" who are intent upon destroying our values and our way of life. They hate us for our freedoms and are actively trying to undermine our free societies. They spread disinformation and uncertainty by questioning the truth. They are terrorists, right wing extremists, white supremacists, climate deniers, regime apologists, state propagandists and conspiracy theorists. With the advent of the Internet this problem has become endemic. Further regulation is required to stop these evil doers spreading their message of hate because too many people are falling victim to their lies.

The Conspiracy Theory World View

A minority of people think, if history has a common thread, it's the perpetual attempts by rulers to extend, consolidate and centralise power. Whereas those who have claimed global dominion in the past have been limited by the technology and logistics of their time, the modern technological era affords the real prospect of centralised global control for those with the means to achieve it. Therefore a global plan, long in the making and nearing completion, to convince the population of Earth they are in danger and need a global government to save them, is underway. It is psychological warfare on an unprecedented scale. World War Three has already begun.

We live in a tightly controlled society. Freedom of speech and expression are regulated with further considerable regulation proposed. Today, the scope of censorship is rapidly increasing, as it always does when the holders of power desire systemic change. The list of opinions deemed out of bounds is growing, and those who publish, say or express the wrong ideas are being criminalised. Further legislation is being enacted to restrict the open and free exchange of information. This is not a society that actually believes in free speech. As those yet to be directly affected will soon discover.

Ready for Oligarchy
We don't have any real political choice. We can select one side or the other, but the significant differences between the two are almost imperceptible. Some minor policy variation is tolerated as long as the underlying policy trajectory remains consistent, which it always does. The MSM's main task is to make a great deal of these fringe differences to maintain the illusion of choice. We put a cross in a box once every 4 or 5 years to select one of the candidates or parties we are allowed to choose. We call this democracy, but it isn't. It's a reiterating aristocracy.

Our representatives are offered to us by the people who have always ruled us. These elected puppets represent the interests of the global corporate State, not ours or our family's. Democratic accountability is a meaningless pipe dream in such a political system.

Neither the free market of ideas nor a free market economy exist in reality. Ideas are only permitted while they do not threaten the Establishment's entrenched order. History is full of examples of ideas which have been ruthlessly suppressed, precisely because they had the potential to undermine the Establishments authority and economic interests. Nothing has changed.

The free market economy is now a myth sold to us by those who have seized almost total global, economic control. It's not "free market capitalism" but rather what we might call capital collectivism. The control of wealth and resources, by an organised global cartel, who share common goals if not always strategy, is now so extreme, the global economy is run almost exclusively for their benefit.

This is why global debt far exceeds global gross domestic product and the global financial derivatives market far exceeds global debt. Such a system cannot possibly be produced by the exchange of goods and services in a genuine free market. It can only exist if capital itself creates more capital without any productivity. This is the usury which has established the global debt system, which is both the economic reality, the basis of the monetary system and the means of global economic control.

The modern welfare system, a fought for safeguard within the system we endure, creates entirely unnecessary dependency and is based upon the manufactured illusion of scarcity. Scarcity is another control mechanism without which we wouldn't need a welfare system.

Global problems are largely created as a result of the policies and actions of the global Establishment which is responsive to its owners, the capital collectivists. They always strives to capitalise upon these manufactured crises by offering their preferred solutions. These solutions invariably lead towards the further centralisation of power, the seizing of new powers or the extension of existing legislation.

Praise be to thee
To imagine that the State, global corporations, well financed NGO's and billionaire philanthropists are selflessly investing to save the world is naivety beyond measure. In order to believe this you have to accept that it is just by pure coincidence that the solutions to every problem always mean the further centralisation of global power.

When major events occur it is neither crazy nor absurd to ask the question "who benefits." That so many have seemingly been convinced not to ask it, or believe that asking it is nonsensical, speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the Establishment's propaganda. It appears capable of convincing huge numbers of people to completely abandon the most basic critical thinking skills.

In order to possess true global power, all nations must comply. Therefore international agreements and cross border legislation are continually being rolled out to erode national sovereignty and empower supranational sovereignty. This will, and quite clearly does, enhance the established global order of the capital collectivists. Those nations who resist the proposed solutions to global problems will not be allowed to do so.

All evidence which exposes the contrived globalist narratives is called conspiracy theory or disinformation. Evidence which proves international scientific bodies have falsified reports is easily dismissed as "conspiracy theory." The existence of volumes of evidence which proves numerous casus belli throughout history were false flag attacks is completely ignored. Proven scientific fraud on a global scale is considered fantasy.

Reporting any eyewitness accounts, providing video evidence, documentary evidence, scientific evidence, related news coverage, leaked information or, in fact, anything which questions official Establishment narratives is called "disinformation." Much like the label "conspiracy theory" the label "disinformation" is now being applied by puppet governments to silence any criticism which questions their actions, policies or decisions. This is because they don't work for the people who elected them, they work for the capital collectivists who own them.

In order to ensure the people are broadly supportive of the move towards centralised global control, under the dictatorial rule of the capital collectivists, they are repeatedly told it is essential. Therefore, despite the fact that the world is safer today than it has ever been, the Establishment's MSM create an incessant stream of stories deliberately constructed to promote public panic and fear. This is done to convince the people to clamour for the offered solutions. Which means the further centralisation of global power. Every single time.

While in this state of trauma based mind control, the people can more easily be convinced to give up their freedoms and accept further "regulation," new laws designed to shut down free speech and harsh penalties for new crimes that hitherto didn't exist. The majority of people have been indoctrinated to believe all this is necessary to "keep them safe." People are psychologically worn down by persistent media manipulation designed to terrorise them. As a result, it is relatively simple for the capital collectivists, their owned Establishment and it's complaint MSM propaganda machine to direct people to ignore information which they claim to be yet another "danger."

What If Conspiracy Theory is True?

This has been a gross over simplification, but I hope you get the point. My intent here was to draw some general, if very broad, distinctions.

I think most people accept that global problems like climate change require a global response. Logically this must mean some form of global governance, most likely under the auspices of the UN. This is the way this proposed global system is sold to us. As governance not government. What the people labelled conspiracy theorists are trying to tell you is that the evidence shows this frequently cited new world order is government not governance.

Centralising power? Always!
Centralising power? Always!
This will be a permanent government you never elect and one you can never remove. Perhaps many, fearful of the Climate Emergency or Global Terrorism, will welcome this. Seeing it as an essential response in an interconnected world. If so they trust their rulers will be benign, have abandoned democracy and accept absolute authority over every aspect of their lives without any semblance of autonomy or control.

Perhaps the global government will be a caring custodian of the planet and all the people on it, but the evidence, and the entirety of human history, strongly suggests otherwise. The people called conspiracy theorists are trying to tell any who will listen that the world is indeed a dangerous place. It is most dangerous for the people caught in the crossfire as our mendacious global leaders play out their power games.

The people labeled conspiracy theorists are pointing out that these are the same people who are proposing, and leading us quickly towards, global governance which means global government. They lie, they cheat, they steal and they deceive. They think nothing of launching wars, falsifying evidence to cause wars, killing millions, spreading disease, brutalising populations, ruthlessly censoring critics and assassination. Moreover, the people we imagine our leaders, the ones we think we elect to make decisions, are simply representatives of the capital collectivists pulling their strings.

I fully accept, for most people the notion that there is a global cartel of capital collectivists deliberately trying to bring about a dictatorial central world government is literally unimaginable. However, just because you can't imagine it, don't believe for one second there is no evidence clearly substantiating the fact. There's plenty.

If you are interested I suggest you start with Cecil Rhodes, the Round Table movement and read Prof. Caroll Quigely. The next thing you could do is thoroughly understand the implications of Agenda 2030 (21), The Codex Alimentarius and EU Defence Union.

"Conspiracy theory" isn't a belief system. It is nothing but a term used to discredit people who ask the wrong questions. There is no core belief underpinning the right of human beings to question power. To claim this reveals some underlying psychology or belief system is rubbish, no matter how well qualified the idiot claiming it is.

At its most basic level those who accept some, so called, conspiracy theories are generally aware that global powers can and do conspire to control events, manipulate the mainstream accounts of those events and engineer public opinion for their own ends. This isn't illogical or symptomatic of a derangement if the evidence underpinning it stands up to scrutiny. I suggest to you that it does but you need to research it yourself and make up your own mind.

Conversely, if you reject all narratives labelled "conspiracy theory" as absurd, it indicates that you broadly trust State and official Establishment accounts of events. You don't believe the State, or powerful elements within the State, would ever deliberately deceive you, and accept that the global system of government is being constructed predominantly for the benefit of humanity and not for the centralisation of power. This too is a perfectly reasonable position, if you are both able to overlook the numerous examples when the State has lied to the public, WMD and Iran Contra for example, and are satisfied that the evidence offered by alleged conspiracy theorists is weak.

In order to do so you need to have access to the information. The State is hellbent on making sure you don't. If it is all complete nonsense why do they need to censor it?

It all boils downs to what you believe. This is not to suggest that the truth is unknowable nor relative, only that our belief systems are personal and formed from a myriad of influences. However if you believe something simply because you have been told to believe it, without ever bothering to check the veracity of what you are told, then you are far more, not less, likely to be deceived.

Make sure you're not.