fsb arrest
© Ria Novosti
The Russian security service FSB said it has arrested a man, linked with radical Ukrainian nationalists, who was plotting to carry out a bomb attack near a government building in the northern Russian port of Murmansk.

The man was arrested on Tuesday as he was retrieving a powerful home-made bomb that was stashed in a cache, the FSB statement said.

The suspect was not identified by name. The FSB said he is in his mid-thirties, has Russian citizenship, and "supports" the "Right Sector," a collective of various groups of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists, which played a crucial role in the armed coup in Kiev in 2014.

Murmansk is a port on the Barents Sea located some 1,500km (932 miles) north from Moscow. In addition to being a major population and industrial center in northwestern Russia, it is also close to Severomorsk, the home base of the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet.