nairobi collapse
At least two people have died after a six-storey residential building collapsed in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Rescue efforts are still ongoing, with 11 people, including children, pulled from the rubble so far.

Residents from the surrounding Tassia estate rushed to the scene and began pulling people from the rubble immediately, rescuing ten people before authorities had even arrived. The brave volunteers used their bare hands to dig through the shattered remains of the building.

Eyewitness video from the scene shows frantic efforts to remove rubble and save the lives of those trapped beneath it.

The Nairobi regional commissioner Wilson Njenga, said 57 of the rooms in the building had been rented while the Red Cross reports that some 22 families lived there.

"At least five people including a child evacuated to hospital. Rescue operations ongoing," St. John Ambulance Kenya, which is assisting in the rescue operation, tweeted.