As the holiday season approaches and 2019 comes to a close, we'd like to take a moment to thank you, our readers, for your continued support of When we started out all those years ago, we settled on the name 'Signs of the Times' (SOTT) because the media just didn't seem to notice that momentous changes were happening, that those momentous changes were connected, and that if they were observed together in 'big picture' mode, one could literally observe the world transform. Little did we know then just how reality-changing things would become.

What a year 2019 has been. Open rebellion has erupted in many countries, terrorism and 'random atrocities' continue unabated, the weather has become more extreme than ever, government has become more corrupt and feckless than ever, anti-human social engineering madness has migrated from the universities to the workplace and into schools, and asteroids are whizzing by our little lost planet at an alarming rate.

Although it's been in the works for several years - particularly since the 'double surprise' of Trump's election and the Brexit referendum result - mass censorship took a big leap in 2019. Thanks to certain governments leaning on Big Tech companies, the very nature of the internet changed this year. Purges of dissenting voices like ours from search results and social media has substantially bleached the internet of truth and replaced it with the bullhorns of mainstream propaganda and extremist 'black or white' rhetoric.

As a result, our readership, which grew for most of the 18 year history of, is way down again this year - by 37% over 2018. Since 2016, our unique visits have dropped by 55%! We could scream and shout about it, but we don't think that would do any good. In fact, there's too much screaming and shouting going on these days - about anything and everything - that is obviously not doing anyone any good. That's why we at have been refocusing our efforts from 'waking people up' to deepening our connections with 'those who already see'.

In these times of monumental mendacity, surround-sound distraction, and full-on socio-political lunacy, the refuge of community is more important than ever. There is only so much 'community' you can partake in via your computer screen, of course, but no matter where you are or what predicament you find yourself in, remember always that what is important is WHO you are and what you SEE.

As far as we're concerned, they can fiddle with search results and shadow-ban us on social media all they want. As Mr. Universe says to Captain Reynolds in Firefly: Serenity, "They can't stop the signal." They can tamp down our reach, but this lighthouse is not going anywhere. remains an independent information zone, an ad-free zone, and a free speech zone. They can shut us up 'out there', but as long as there is a global community of editors and readers, they can't touch us 'in here'!

We are still sending out a signal in 11 languages, still publishing monthly 'Earth Changes' videos, and still broadcasting weekly radio shows. In fact, our English-language radio shows this year fully migrated to video podcast format. Replacing 'The Truth Perspective', MindMatters covers philosophical, scientific and religious issues for navigating our changing reality, while Objective:Health - which replaced 'The Health & Wellness Show' - discusses the latest research on optimal health. Our current events show NewsReal with Joe & Niall has been on hold since mid-2019, but will be back in the new year. You can find all our video discussions and interviews indexed here.

This year we've added new features to the website, including the most-requested: readers can now find their old comments and be notified of new replies. And we didn't do this by signing over your data to outsourced Israeli comments engines like (ahem, RT!) - instead, we custom-built comments notifications, as we have done and will continue to do with the entire architecture. Our hope is that greater interaction in the community means you all can better keep in touch with each other, and with world events. and YOUR Contribution

Over the years, we've held a number of fundraisers for specific goals, and the response has always been very positive; obviously, many people do appreciate our work. YOUR contributions - whether as direct donations or product purchases - keep us up-and-running on a daily basis, and we are immensely thankful for all the help we can get. What you have helped us accomplish over the past two decades is amazing. Thanks to you, and in spite of the Internet censors throttling our reach on Google and social media, registered an average of 2.4 million unique visitors a month this year.

Almost uniquely these days, refuses corporate advertising and sponsorship, achieving its objectives solely via its own resources and reader donations. This is how we manage to keep this website going, and try to provide you with as objective a picture of the global reality as possible - day in, day out, through the diligent efforts of dozens of volunteer editors around the globe. Any and all 'advertisements' you see on our sites are either ads for our own products, which directly support our work, or our non-commercial support for others engaged in the fight against lies, corruption and the general 'ponerization' of our world.

All of this highlights how important YOUR SUPPORT is. The Fight Against Lies goes on and we very much need your help to keep the lighthouse going.

And so, before the end of the fiscal year, we would just like to remind you that if you have a bit of extra income this year, donating to, a program of Quantum Future Group, Inc., a U.S. non-profit organization, is tax-deductible in the US. Wouldn't you rather give your money to a good cause, to the fight for truth and real news, than have it funding war, corruption and fake news?

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The SOTT Calendar 2020

Thanks to the creative talents of editors Damian Assels and Ana Del Toro, we are excited to reveal the brand new, unique 2020 full-size calendar, which this year features a selection of images and descriptions of major recent events that had significance, directly or indirectly, for every single person on the planet. It is designed to serve as a reminder of where we, the human race, have been and where we are today, and in that way provoke reflection on where we might be headed.

Check it out!

SOTT Calendar 2020
SOTT Calendar 2020
SOTT Calendar 2020
SOTT Calendar 2020
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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all. May 2020 bring you all good health, much love and even more knowledge. Onwards and upwards!