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© Sputnik / Mikhail Alayeddin
Russian military police on patrol in northern Syria
A Russian armored vehicle was hit by an explosion while on a reconnaissance mission ahead of a joint patrol with Turkey in a Kurdish-populated area of northern Syria. Three military policemen were injured.

The incident happened on Monday in the Kobani district of Aleppo Province, along the Syrian-Turkish border, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The military policemen were on a reconnaissance trip in preparation for an upcoming patrol with Turkish forces when an improvised bomb detonated on the road.

The three servicemen inside the vehicle "sustained light injuries and bruises," but there is no threat to their lives, the Defense Ministry stated.

Russia and Turkey began conducting joint patrols last month after Ankara reached separate deals with Washington and Moscow on the withdrawal of Kurdish fighters from a 30km (20-mile) 'safe zone' along its border with Syria.

On November 26, a car bomb killed 17 people near Ras al-Ain in the northeastern al-Hasakah Province. Turkey blamed the attack on Kurdish paramilitary group YPG, whose members it considers terrorists.