Comment: Farage appears to have bottled it. We can't blame him though. The British establishment is ruthless, and they've apparently tried to 'take him out' at least once before. Today he reversed last week's grand announcement that 600 Brexit Party candidates would challenge all seats in the UK - thus including incumbent Conservative seats - on the basis that all the traditional parties are colluding to keep the UK in the EU.

Farage now says that the Brexit Party won't contest half of those seats - those won by the Conservative Party in the last election in 2017. This means that, with those two parties now effectively in an alliance, they'll win enough seats in December to prevent Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party from becoming PM.

Farage isn't himself running for a seat, so - barring a miracle to the effect that most English voters now want to remain in the EU and would therefore vote Labour - Johnson will be PM for the next 5 years. And the UK will remain in the EU because 'Brexit negotiations' will be dragged out indefinitely and/or mere cosmetic changes will be applied to the UK's status within the EU.

That's the last nail in Brexit (actually happening), and it 'defends the realm from national security threat Corbyn'. But it leaves anyone who wants actual Brexit with no real choice in the upcoming election...

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'Sorry old chaps'
Several of the Brexit Party's (now former) general election candidates are in a state of open revolt against Nigel Farage, after he stood down candidates in 317 constituencies.

Brexit pied piper Farage led his troops to the top of the hill, before unceremoniously dumping them earlier today. The Brexit Party leader announced that he would be standing down his candidates in every constituency won by the Conservatives in 2017, in an effort to prevent splitting the Leave vote.

However, perhaps unsurprisingly, Farage's scorned candidates have been reacting with a decent level of fury to his decision.

A couple of candidates have suggested that Farage has abandoned Brexit voters, and that even they will not vote at the upcoming general election.

Meanwhile, Wayne Bayley, the party's former candidate for Crawley, has been going on a bit of a Twitter rampage. He accused Farage of doing a "dodgy backroom deal" with Boris Johnson and said he would be standing as an "Independent Brexit Party candidate".

Before this, Bayley posted something even more, erm, assertive.

Bayley claims someone else created a "fake account" and posted this tweet, although this seems a likely excuse.

And, to be honest, we don't blame him for being so angry. Each candidate had to pay £100 for the privilege of standing for the Brexit Party, and had to give a statement of their dating history. We're not kidding.

Meanwhile, Farage has made £37,100 from candidates who won't even represent him at the forthcoming election. Not a bad return.