The last frosts in the Alto Valley of Rio Negro, which had extremely cold temperatures of almost -10º C for 14 hours, could have damaged much of the region's fruit production, especially stone fruits, such as peaches and plums. The damages are currently being evaluated by the technicians of the Secretariat of Fruit Cultivation of Rio Negro.

Fortunately, as stated by the provincial Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, Alberto Diomedi, "the Inter-jurisdictional Authority of the Limay, Neuquen, and Negro River Basins (AIC) had announced this extreme weather event five days in advance, which allowed producers to prepare to face it." The government sent water through the irrigation canals so that the producers could spray it as a defense against the frost, the official said.

"The information we have received shows that there are sectors that have significant losses," the minister added. "At the moment, the fruit of stone, cherries, peaches, and plums are in bloom; but we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, on Monday we'll have more precise data with the information that the technicians who are already visiting the affected areas gather in the field."

The official also confirmed that the producers will be able to approach the Ministry of Fruit Production on Monday 9 to present their affidavits.

The most affected localities were some farms in Cipolletti where temperatures descended to -6° C, in Cinco Saltos where it decreased to -9° C, and in Ingeniero Huergo which recorded temperatures of -8° C.