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Starting last week, pictures of the burning Amazon rain forest flooded social media as people were lead to believe the 'lungs of the planet' were in jeopardy. News headlines were quick to point the finger at you, as usual, because you eat too much meat.

But it was rather quickly discovered that everything being reported on the nature of the Amazon fires was wrong: they aren't at a record-setting levels, they aren't caused by people eating too much meat and the Amazon isn't even 'the lungs of the planet'. Many of the pictures featured in widely shared memes, shared by the likes of celebrities from Leonardo DiCaprio to Emmanuel Macron, aren't even recent photos, and some of them aren't even of the Amazon.

Why is such a seemingly carefully constructed disinformation campaign coming out now and why is it getting so much traction? And why pin it on meat-eating?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we dig in to the great Amazon fire disinformation campaign, debunking some of the widely spread rumors and examining what's really going on here.

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