Bojo Sun Cover page, Boris Johnson

“Is it possible for a country to die of embarrassment?”
Boris Johnson has not even been British prime minister for one week and already things are getting weird. Nowhere is this more evident than the cover of Friday's Sun, which features BoJo as the actual sun.

Famous for his slew of gaffes over the years, many expected his prime ministership to be replete with memeworthy moments, but the Sun has taken things too far for even the most cynical online trolls judging by reaction on Twitter.

"Is it possible for a country to die of embarrassment?" wrote one sickened user. "You'll never guess what the sun baby in the teletubbies looks like now," another person quipped as many others took the opportunity to have a pop at the Sun's graphics department.

"Pls pass on my condolences to the poor designer who had to spend a percentage of his life knocking this up," wrote one bemused commenter.

"Top effort. Doesn't look really utterly shit at all. Everyone who sees that will be massively impressed with your wit and pre-school design skills. Must have taken north of two minutes that - incredible stuff," echoed another baffled Brit.

With 97 days left until Brexit and rumors of a general election coming thick and fast, British politics looks set to get even weirder.