In a NBC News article titled 'Nurses Who Vaccinate: Anti-vaccine myth dispeller talks with Lester Holt,' a 2+ minute-long video showed (00:03 mark) a photo of a nurse holding a baby that had allegedly been infected with the measles virus:

doctored image measles fake
© NBC News
This particular image originated from website Dreamstime. It is a royalty-free stock photo that was created by user Andrianocz and is called 'Doctor holding a beautiful newborn baby. Background, clinic':

original undoctored image measles
© Dreamstime
As you can see, the baby in the original photo is not infected with the measles.

doctored undoctored image comparison
© H/T: anon V/x04doY
Some readers weren't too happy when they realized NBC was circulating a doctored photo relating to the ongoing measles outbreak and "anti-vaccine myth":
"Fake news! Never forget for even a single second the only reason television is mass produced is so it can spread mass propaganda!"
"The stock photo is what set you off, and not the BARE F**KING HANDS TOUCHING THE INFECTED INFANT? That is a MAJOR hazard and lawsuit, as it can spread the disease."
"I'm a supporter of vaccinations and these idiots are hurting our cause. The rash doesn't even look like that."
"That's f**ked. I'm not even anti-vax, but the idea of the government forcing you to inject your children doesn't sit right with me based on principle alone. And the fact that they faked this to encourage more vaccination really makes you think."
"I wonder why they are pushing this so hard. There will always be idiots that believe whatever they are told, but this sh*t is causing more people to actually look into vaccines and arrive at their own conclusions. Do [they] really lack awareness?"
It looks like the mainstream media got caught lying to us once again...

UPDATE #1: Here is another comparison showing how the creator of the altered image used Photoshop's 'Clone Tool' to copy the exact same pattern of "measles" throughout the child's body -

doctored image comparison meales
© H/T: anon BDiQq9TL
UPDATE #2: It appears the featured video embedded in NBC's article has stopped working (on our end, at least; tried multiple browsers). Did they shut it down? Does it work for you?

Thankfully there is a backup (scroll down for link).

UPDATE #3: Here is the original video from NBC News' YouTube channel -

UPDATE #4: Perhaps NBC obtained the baby photo from this website: iStock by Getty Images ?

The title of the image is 'Newborn baby with chickenpox, measles or rubella.'

H/T: BurkeyTurger

UPDATE #5: The Times of Israel published an article last year titled 'Toddler dies of measles in Jerusalem, in first such incident in 15 years.' They used the same "measles baby" photo, but actually added a caption / disclaimer (Illustrative: Newborn baby suffering from measles. iStock by Getty Images/andriano_cz):

times of israel toddler measles

NBC replaces doctored photo

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