rocket leaves
The Auchan brand has recalled several batches of rocket bags following the detection of salmonella. This infection results in gastrointestinal disturbances and fever within two days after ingestion of the contaminated products. When it is about fragile people (children, the elderly or the sick), the risk of dehydration can be particularly dangerous.

A control has highlighted Salmonella in bags of salad of the company Bonduelle Frais France, according to a statement of the Auchan group of December 21, 2018. Batches of 125 g of the brand Auchan brand (EAN: 3596710294947) with date consumption limit at 25/12/2018 and 28/12/2018 are therefore recalled.

Auchan is asking from those who bought the product to not consume it and return it to any Auchan store for the full refund.

Auchan rocket contamination salmonella