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Vans used by private security forces hired by banks in Ireland to evict the homes of owners who are behind on mortgage payments... are torched by angry locals
Eight hired heavies who carried out an eviction on behalf of KBC bank near Strokestown in Co. Roscommon earlier this week were run out of Roscommon in the early hours of this morning by up to 50 local Irish patriots.

Locals have told The Liberal that the security men are allegedly from East Belfast and allegedly former members of the UVF.

Disparaging jokes about Catholics were said to have been spat out by the security men during the eviction.

The UVF was a loyalist terrorist organisation responsible for the murder of many innocent Catholics during the troubles.

During the actual eviction itself, two elderly brothers and an elderly sister, who were all on the same farm for three generations, were put out on the road.

KBC repossession Ireland
A retired garda (pictured above) tried to assist his friends but got his face smashed in, allegedly by the security thugs who were working for KBC bank.

Uniformed members of the gardai are said to have stood by as the eviction took place.

The security firm then took over the house on behalf of KBC bank until the early hours of this morning when the front door was cut down with a chainsaw and up to 50 men entered the house chasing down the security thugs with baseball bats.

Three of the security firm were hospitalised afterwards while the others are said to have ran for their lives into the fields of the rear of the house.

All the security vehicles owned by the security firm were burned on site (video below thanks to

One local told The Liberal, the activists warned the security firm never to put their hands on an elderly person in the Republic again.

It's understood the KBC hired security firm names and addresses are being widely spread on social media.

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