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There are two major grievances that are motivating the ongoing 'Gilets Jaunes' protests in France (and similar protests in other European countries over the past few years). One is the the specter of mass immigration - 'accidentally' inflated by 17 years of the Global War on Terror - and the other is French and EU government policies aimed at 'preventing climate change'.

In their arrogance, however, European elites have decided to double down on these massively unpopular polices by:

(a) encouraging mass migration into Europe - with Macron currently in Morocco where he will sign the UN Compact on Migration, where signatory states are required to formalize and legalize structures for accepting and financing large numbers of migrants, and (b) implementing an EU/globalist 'ecology tax'.

So the question is: what do climate/earth changes and mass migration have in common, and what do governments know that they are not telling the people?

On this week's NewsReal with Joe & Niall, we reveal why the elites' view of the people and the people's view of the elites are so out of sync, and why the discrepancy is signalling an impending showdown of, literally, biblical proportions.

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